In your opinion, if other public university —UITM or UPSI as in example— offer me the same course (Diploma in Science Computer) Should I take it or not? As UTM is known as prestigious university, I don’t want to miss a great opportunity given to me. But at the same time, other public university offer cheaper fees than UTM itself.

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By Aisyah Hazwani

15.22 pm, April 20, 2017
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    Hi Aisyah

    The answer is really not in our hands.

    Your situation will determine the choice – if you’re financially capable or not.

    But, you may have other alternatives such as seeking MARA’s assistance or PTPTN or perhaps a scholarship offer.

    In terms of tuition fees specifically, UiTM, UPSI or UTM fees are set reasonably for the local household income. Basic it is affordable to Malaysians

    But if you are referencing UTM Space’s tuition fees, that might be different.

    Remember: Computer Science is more about the skills you can develop on your own without the uni. And how good are you in the field. The university can be helpful but to a limited extent.

    Choose the university that you’re comfortable with financially IF you don’t have support- If you can afford UTM, go for it. But the key here is to develop the proper set of skills for a better future.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you afterschool. It’s really a great platform to seek for advise and help!

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    No problem at all.. You are most welcome. and thank you for the nice words.

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