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Studying Business & Commerce is the study of managing and operating a business, including learning how to maximise profits, reduce losses, manage people and penetrate markets globally. The course variations within this field include, business administration, human resources, marketing and more! This page uncovers the many courses open for you to consider under this field.

Courses Under Business & Commerce

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Have you ever wanted to be the master of your own fate? Have you secretly dreamt of owning your very own company? Have you seen the new and modern CEOs of our era such as Tony Fernandez and Richard Branson and wanted to emulate their success? Well then read on and find out whether studying business administration in Malaysia would be the right course for you

Business Administration is one of, if not the most popular degree option among students worldwide. The reason for this is simple: Business Administration teaches students of the inner workings of a company, how they function, and how to manage it any a variety of different levels. In an age where business seems to go from strength to strength, this course is becoming increasingly lucrative. Some variations of business administration include: Business Studies, Business Management, and International Business.

Do you like the study of trade and business? Not just the economic side to it, but the whole process, from production to distribution to final consumer as well? Then perhaps studying Commerce might be for you, so read on as we enlighten you on the world of Commerce in Malaysia and what it entails.

Commerce is the very thing that drives business, trade and economic behaviour. All business activities fall under this field, even the transactions you do online all the way from the exchange of goods and services from producer to final consumer. It’s basically the combination of the study of Economics and Business Administration.

Did you participate in public speaking back in school, thriving on being under pressure to speak spontaneously and articulately in front of a crowd? Were you always a wizard when it came to words (maybe it even got you out of trouble once in awhile)? Do you wish you could translate all that into a course that you could join? Well, we’ve come to bring you good news and it’s called communications. Read on as we deliver to you what it takes to study Communications in Malaysia.

The study of Communications include all types of channels to disseminate information such as TV, radio, the Internet, print materials and so on. Because of the vast subject it covers, a degree in Communications will open up many doors of opportunities, from a career in Marketing and Events Management to writing and even Advertising! The possibilities are endless. The skill developed in this field would garner you brownie points not only in your professional job but also when communicating with people.

Are you the friend in your group who’s always the one solving conflicts when everyone else is busy arguing? Are you the one who helps everyone decide where to eat when they said ‘anywhere’? Are you comfortable talking to strangers when asking for directions or maybe some information? If you answered in the positive to at least one of the above, then Human Resource Management might be the right choice of study for you. Read on as we help you indulge in what they do in Malaysia and how to get there.

Every company has a Human Resource (HR) department that is in charge of the welfare and organisational activities. This may include team building, internal communication, managing and monitoring the employees’ behaviours at work and ensuring the Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to. Issues such as sexual harassments, job security and employees’ rights are brought to the HR department. Part of a HR executive’s responsibility is to interview and select candidates, evaluation, oversee policies, payroll, train and develop staff to ensure optimum performance.

Were you part of a club or society in school and were the one in charge of getting people to attend events that were held, and did so successfully? Are you the kind of person who would scoff at the advertisements that run on TV these days, having ideas which would be a million times better? Would you be able to sell a bouquet of flowers to a florist, if needed? If so, then read on as we try to sell you the idea of starting your studies in Marketing in Malaysia.

Many organisations and industries engage in marketing efforts in some shape or form. A clothing company might want to launch a new advertising campaign, a consulting company might need to research what motivates shoppers to buy a particular product or a charitable organisation might need someone to orchestrate publicity to raise awareness for a particular cause. All of these marketing needs can be fulfilled by those in various marketing careers. Marketing degrees teach students how to analyse consumer demand and promote products to consumers.

A master of business administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that combines theory and practise in the management of businesses and investments. An MBA is intended to assist graduates in gaining a better knowledge of broad business management activities.

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