Study Medicine in Malaysia

Course Duration:

5 Years

Average Salary:

RM 1,800 - 2,800

Average Fees:

RM 300,000 - 600,000

Job Demand:

What is Medicine?

Studying Medicine in Malaysia involves the science and practice of the prevention of diseases.

Have you always pictured yourself helping people? Have you always dreamt of having a stethoscope swung around your neck, walking through the halls of a hospital like a boss? Are you dedicated and willing to put in hours upon hours of effort coupled with a lack of sleep to achieve your goals in life? Then perhaps you may want to consider a career in medicine. Read on as we treat any misconceptions on the study of Medicine in Malaysia.

The subject looks into the different methods of diagn

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What are the branches of Medicine?


Clinical Radiology

Community Sexual & Reproductive Health

Emergency Medicine

General Practice

Intensive Care Medicine

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Occupational Medicine





Public Health


What are the subjects you will study in a Medicine course ?





Normal Structure & Function of the Human Cell, Tissue & Body System

Normal Response & Process to Disease State. Upper & Lower Limbs Musculoskeletal Systems

Body Reaction to Physical, Chemical and Biological Agents

Clinical Methods and Introduction to Community Medicine

Why should you study Medicine?

Medical Specialists was listed under the Critical Occupations List this year, especially in rural areas.

With so many degree options out there, here are some top reasons why you should study Medicine:

Good communication skills

Despite countless late nights of studying while your friends from other courses are busy hanging out with their friends, you’ll still be able to build good communication skills. You have to, because you’ll need to interact with various kinds of patients. Yes, even difficult ones.

A great listener

Hear ye! Hear ye! all you guys out there. Being a great listener is a trait many girls look for when finding a partner (and vice versa). Studying Medicine will train you to be a good listener as you will have to listen to your patients share about their illness.

Ample job demand

While there are many general practitioners in Malaysia, Medical Specialists are critically low especially in rural areas. Although it will take you a couple of extra years more to be a specialist, it will be worth it when you see the money coming in.

What are industry experts saying about Medicine?

What are the entry requirements for an Medicine course?

Pre University in Medicine

Science stream

SPM / O-Levels :

5 Bs each in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (or Additional Mathematics) and another subject

Degree in Medicine


BBB, ABC or AAC in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics

A-Levels :

BBB, ABC or AAC in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics


 6As including A1 in Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics

Foundation in Science / Matrikulasi :

CGPA 3.0 (out of 4) in 3 subjects i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics


Aggregate or average of 80% or the equivalent of B in 3 subjects i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics

National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3 or New Zealand Bursary :

Average of 80% in any 3 subjects i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics


Average of 80% in any 3 subjects i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics

Diploma in Health Science :

CGPA 3.5 (out of 4.0), and provided the course is not less than 5 semesters or 2 ½ years in the same accredited institution and the minimum entry qualification is 2 Bs in Biology, Chemistry or Physics and 3 credits each in English, Mathematics (or Additional Mathematics) and another subject at School Certificate Level or its equivalent.

Master in Medicine

Degree :

Obtain a bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.75 or equivalent

Degree :

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and below 2.75 may also be admitted upon passing the internal assessment

Degree :

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field with less than CGPA 2.50 but with a minimum 5 years of relevant work experience

PhD in Medicine

Master :

A related Master’s Degree recognised by the University Senate

Others :

Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s Degree as recognised by the Malaysian Government

Important Note: Be prepared to burn the midnight oil as you’ll be required to undergo a gruesome 5 years in the Medical course.

How does your education pathway look like?

You will need to take up a science stream pre-university programme to be able to enrol for a Degree in Medicine (MBBS). Upon completing a five-year degree, every student must undergo a compulsory housemanship (training) for two years before they can become a Medical Officer. Graduates can look for jobs after this stage but only as a general practitioner. To be a specialist, you must undergo a postgraduate programme in a particular field. 

What skills do you need for a course in Medicine?


You always finish your homework on time when everyone else slacks off. You wake up early so that you’re never late to school. Medicine will require you to work harder than you ever have, with books thicker than encyclopaedias hours longer than the River Nile. You’ll need to be a hard worker to be able to cope.

Good time management

You know exactly what you’ll be doing at any point in a day because you have it all mapped out systematically. In medicine, you’ll have to manage to eke out any little sleep you can get, study, attend long lectures, complete assignments and cut up cadavers, sometimes all at the same time. So you better be good with managing your time.


While shows like House and Scrubs (Dr. Cox) popularised the cool doctor with no emotional attachment tag, in truth and reality, doctors need to care. As you’ll learn in medical school, your best teacher is your patient, so you better treat them well!

Good communicator

You have no issues conveying a complicated assignment to the rest of the class because you’ve mastered the art of simplifying complicated information into simple terms everyone can understand, without skimping on the details.

Good with numbers

While everyone else dreaded the day the Additional Mathematics exam fell on, that was your easiest paper. You didn’t really have to study much either, because by just listening in class, you were able to pick up all the skills needed. While some may have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths, you were born with a calculator in yours.

Not easily grossed out

One big skill that many students fail to think about prior to enrolling in medicine is being grossed out. In medicine, you’ll deal with blood, sweat, tears (Some of them may be yours!), poop, pee, vomit, more blood among other things. So you’ll need a stomach made of iron to not feel queasy when time arrives.

What career options do you have with an Medicine degree?

Who are all the top recruiters in Malaysia?

Below are a few of the top Medicine firms in Malaysia.

Where can you study Medicine in Malaysia?

Do note that all courses should be accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Click here to check if the course you choose is accredited. For a start, here are some of the most popular Medical schools in Malaysia.

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