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Type : Private University

Estimated Fees (entire courses)

  • Pre University : RM 17,100
  • Degree : RM 67,200
  • Master : RM 26,284
  • PhD : NA
  • Diploma : NA

Why Curtin University, Malaysia?


Educational Hub

Curtin is the education and research hub in Asia, where students can gain global exposure.


Hi-Tech Learning

Curtin emphasises the use of innovation in facilitating learning and research.


Worldwide Recognition

Curtin University is an Australian university ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide, according to the highly regarded Academic Ranking of World Universities 2016.

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Why study at Curtin University, Malaysia

Before Applying to Curtin University, Malaysia

Why Study at Curtin University, Malaysia
  • Curtin University, Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) is the Asian branch of Curtin University, an Australian university ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide in the highly regarded Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2016.
  • The Curtin campus is located in Miri, Sarawak, and boasts a 1,200-acre campus peppered with modern facilities.
  • Curtin Malaysia's courses are identical to those at other Curtin campuses, and Curtin degrees earned are conferred directly by Curtin University.
  • Curtin Malaysia students enjoy an undifferentiated learning experience and student support mechanisms, such as online study resources and distributed learning between campuses.
  • Curtin Malaysia has a global focus with over 4,000 students from more than 45 countries and highly qualified teaching staff from some 15 countries.
  • Curtin Malaysia students enjoy flexibility in completing their degrees. They can spend a semester or more at Curtin’s main campus in Perth or its Singapore campus.
  • Curtin Malaysia offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering and related sciences, business and humanities, as well as pre-university courses that lead directly to undergraduate studies.
  • Curtin courses benefit from the input of industry partners and the campus location in the industrial hub of Sarawak, giving students invaluable industry exposure.
Internal Scholarships Provided by Curtin University, Malaysia

Curtin Malaysia Merit Scholarship (Malaysian student), refer to website here for the details.

What You Should Know About Curtin University, Malaysia

Student Accommodation

Curtin University, Malaysia provides on- and off-campus accommodation. The on-campus accommodation is known as Lakeside Apartment I and Lakeside Apartment II. There are some off-campus accommodation options are Curtin Villa and Curtin Water 2. Students can choose to stay in private accommodation after their first year of study. There are various private housing areas near the campus. If students would like to know more about recommendations, they can get assistance from the housing office.


There are free shuttle bus services provided for transport from the accommodation to the campus. Public buses and Grab are available around the university. Students may take a taxi or a Grab to the university from airport upon arrival.

Student Parking

The parking space provided in the university is free of charge. Monthly parking at Curtin’s housing area at Curtin Villa is RM25, and RM20 at Curtin Water 2. Miri is Sarawak’s largest city and it is located along the beach. Students tend to hang out at the beaches during the weekends. The famous Niah National Park is also only a 2-hour drive from the campus. There are also shopping malls with restaurants and clothes stores as well as entertainment centres including bowling, archery, a cinema and karaoke. Apart from that, Miri is also famous for diving.


There is 24-hour surveillance on the campus and all Curtin housing areas. Students can only access to their accommodation with key card. Visitors who enter to the university are required to get permission from the security too.

Education at Curtin University, Malaysia

Most Popular Courses

Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Commerce, Geology

Applying to Curtin University, Malaysia with SPM Trial Results

Yes, they can apply with their SPM trial result with the condition that their actual SPM result is meeting the entry requirement.

General Education Subjects (MPU)

The MPU subjects required by students are as follows: Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia; Hubungan Etnik; Leadership & Digital Entrepreneurship; Human Rights; Team Leadership and Community Service; National Language (only for those who did not get credit for BM at SPM level). Students must take only one MPU subject per semester (up to 5 or 6 semesters altogether).

Graduation Details

Graduation ceremonies are held once a year in April. Two complementary tickets are given to each graduate. The graduate only needs to pay for the rental of regalia at RM200.


Institute type Private University
Intake Jan,Feb,Mar,May,Jul,Aug,Sep
Campus Location Miri
Total Courses 33 Courses Offered
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Curtin University, Malaysia Courses & Fees

Curtin University offers reasonable and affordable tuition, with the fees for foundation studies starting from RM17,000. The fees for bachelor’s degree programmes start from RM88,000. As for postgraduate programmes, the fees start from RM25,500.

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Foundation in Commerce

12 Months

RM 17,100

Full Time

Mar & Aug

Foundation in Arts (Media)

12 Months

RM 17,100

Full Time

Mar & Aug

Foundation in Engineering & Science

12 Months

RM 17,100

Full Time

Mar & Aug

Foundation in Commerce

12 Months

RM 17,100

Full Time

Mar & Aug

Foundation in Arts (Media)

12 Months

RM 17,100

Full Time

Mar & Aug

Foundation in Engineering & Science

12 Months

RM 17,100

Full Time

Mar & Aug

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Curtin University, Malaysia Accommodation & Facilities

Curtin Malaysia offers students four budget-friendly accommodation options within the university campus and in the immediate neighbourhood.

Hostel / Accommodation


Outdoor Sports / Indoor Games

Swimming Pool


Fitness Centre / GYM

Labs & Workshops


Transportation (BUS)

Jogging Track

Students Car Parking

Indoor ATM

Convenience stores

Development Centre

Lecture Theaters

WiFi Connectivity

Student lounge

clubs and societies



MultiPurpose Hall

Administrative & Service

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Curtin University, Malaysia News

Keep up-to-date with the latest news from Curtin Malaysia, including Curtin University courses, Curtin University fees, Curtin University rankings, Curtin University scholarships, and everything else about Curtin University Sarawak.

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Curtin University, Malaysia Address

The Curtin University, Malaysia's address is as follows:

CDT 250, 98009 Miri, Sarawak

Curtin University, Malaysia
CDT 250, 98009 Miri,
Sarawak - - 98009,

[email protected]
Malaysia: +60 85 44 3939

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FAQs about Curtin University, Malaysia

Why study at Curtin Malaysia?

Students should choose to study at Curtin Malaysia due to its worldwide recognition, prestigious reputation and ideal campus location.

What are the popular courses at Curtin Malaysia?

Popular courses at Curtin Malaysia include business studies, particularly the various double majors offered. Engineering courses at Curtin Malaysia are also popular. 

How do I get an Australian bachelor’s degree in Malaysia?

Curtin Malaysia’s internationally recognised degrees are the same as those awarded in Australia. The only difference is its unique location on the northwest coast of Sarawak.

Are scholarship available for Curtin University students?

Curtin Malaysia offers internal merit and need-based scholarships as well as external scholarships from leading companies such as Daiken.

When are the intakes at Curtin University?

Intakes are usually in March and August for foundation studies and February and July/August for undergraduate studies.

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