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The automotive field is the real-life application of expertise relating to vehicles or machines. Meanwhile aerospace courses are mainly focused on the design, construction and maintenance of aircrafts and spacecrafts. Studying automotive and aerospace is the study of the many components of a motor vehicle (engines, braking systems, sensors, and so on) and how they work. This page includes course branches within the industry that you can consider.

Courses Under Automotive & Aerospace

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Did you know the Rolls-Royce’s primary source of income isn’t through sales of their luxury car, but rather sales of their jet engines to airlines? Do you love planes, not flying them, but how they function and what makes them soar through the air? Do you know that a career in aviation doesn’t necessarily have to mean becoming a pilot, but can involve engineering as well as manufacturing? If so, then you may want to consider studying the course of aeronautics. Let us fly you through the course and see if this study suits you.

Many aviation and aerospace manufacturing companies hire technicians and engineers to perform repairs and maintenance services on various types of aircraft before they are sold. A course in aerospace would propel you to develop and instil different types of manufacturing systems for a certain type of aircraft, develop maintenance programs and meet production quotas while overseeing a team of engineers on the factory floor. The job is highly technical in nature and may require extensive on-the-job training.

Do you usually buy an electronic item only to dismantle it and then assemble them back again? Not because there was something wrong with it but you just like fixing things and seeing them function well. Or are you those that just like fixing things but failed to get it to function properly after that? Either way, if you do this often and wish that you’d get paid doing it, then studying Aircraft Maintenance in Malaysia may just be for you! Read on as we unravel what the course will have in store for you.

Even as tourism is becoming one of the main source of income for many countries, the industry is always going to need skillful engineers to maintain the planes. This course equips you with the knowledge to provide quality assurance in an airplane, ensuring that it complies with certain standards and perform safety checks. You’ll also be preparing electronic and mechanical components in an aircraft. Candidates with military experience can apply for FAA credits as their training is highly valuable.

Do you love roaring red Ferraris, loud and large Ducatis, or other vehicles for that matter? Not just how they look, but how they function, what makes them go as fast as they do ? Do you have a desire to innovate the automotive industry, like a member of a Mercedes Formula One team, constantly pushing the envelope to stay ahead of the competition? Finally, do you love numbers, be it in Maths or Physics? Then automotive engineering just might be the course for you. Read on as we fast track you into the world of automotive engineering.

Automotive engineering basically deals with how vehicles function. You will study manufacturing, design, product testing, research & development. You will learn what’s inside a car and what makes it tick. Not just fixing cars, you’ll have to design new products and improve existing ones while finding solutions to engineering problems.

Whenever a plug point short circuits or a wire stops working at home, your mum inevitably wants to call the electrician. Are you the kind of person who hands her the phone, or are you the kind who stops her, and tells her that you’ll fix it yourself? Do you know that the name AC/DC wasn’t invented by the Australian rock band, but actually two different forms of current in circuits? Are you an expert with circuits and boards you could fix with both eyes closed, where everyone else feels they’re a more complicated version of a tangled pair of earphones? Read on then, as we shock you with the world of industrial electronics.

Industrial electronics is a large family indeed, but remember it is different than entertainment and consumer electronics. Instead of thinking DVD players and computers we are talking about things such as capacitors, motor drives, panel meters, limit switches and testers, and the list goes on and on.

Have you ever heard that cool voice over the speakers announcing how high up in the sky you were in a plane? Ever wanted to don those cool aviators and walk into a plane as all the passengers stare and marvel at you? Do you enjoy travelling to exotic locations far away from home? Read on as we help you launch your career in aviation that all begins with studying Piloting in Malaysia.

A course in Piloting will definitely teach you how to fly an aircraft (obviously!). With all the aerodynamics and calculations you need to do, Physics and Maths is a must. A pilot is in control of the plane and is responsible for transporting passengers and crews safely to the designated destination. Airplanes often have two pilots; a captain and a first officer. Candidates who want to enrol in this course will have to meet very strict requirements such as their excellent health, eyesight, height, etc.

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