Study Graphic Design in Malaysia

Course Duration:

3 - 4 Years

Average Salary:

RM 2,000 - 2,900

Average Fees:

RM 40,000 - 60,000

Job Demand:

What is Graphic Design?

The study of Graphic Design in Malaysia is the art of displaying content through print or digital mediums, including texts, images and graphic forms.

Graphic Designers create visual communications seen every day, every minute, across the globe. Designers develop entertainment, advertising, news and features in all forms, including print publications (magazines, newspapers and brochures) and digital and broadcast media such as game machines, television, web browsers, social platforms and portable devices. As technology continually develops in complexity, graphics designers too have to improve their duties and skills. Read on for a complete

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What are the branches of Graphic Design?

Animation and Motion Graphics

Web and Interactive Design

Multimedia Design


What are the subjects you will study in a Graphic Design course ?


Bahasa Malaysia



Packaging Design

Visual Communication

Art Direction

Computer Print Production

Research Methodology

Why should you study Graphic Design?

You will learn to use softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw and basic computer programming or animation/3D artwork

With so many degree options out there, here are some top reasons why you should study Graphic Design:


Obtaining a degree in Graphic Design allows you to work freelance in the comfort of your own home with flexible working hours.

Own a studio

After working as a freelancer for some time building relationships with clients, you can open your own studio and provide Graphic Design services, similar to starting your own company. This is a great opportunity to work with big brands in the market.

Express your creativity

Don’t you just get frustrated when your parents compare your grades with other students? Deep in your heart, you feel that there are more important things than just theoretical knowledge and acing your exams. A course in Graphic Design will give you the perfect platform to express your creative side and no one’s going to judge you.

What are industry experts saying about Graphic Design?

What are the entry requirements for an Graphic Design course?

Degree in Graphic Design

A-Levels :

Minimum 2 principal passes in the relevant subjects


Minimum 2 passes in the relevant subjects


Tertiary Entrance Rank of 70 and Grade B in 2 of the relevant subjects


Grade B in 5 of the relevant subjects


Average of 70% in 6 of the relevant subjects

Diploma :

Diploma recognised by the Malaysian Government with a minimum score of 2.0 out of 4.0

Others :

Any other relevant qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government

Important Note: If you opt to study a Diploma in Graphic Design and continue your degree at the same institution, you will most likely get a one-year exemption. This means that you can enter degree year 2 after diploma.

How does your education pathway look like?

It is not necessary for you to do your postgraduate. The most important element needed to advance in your career is creativity, technical skills and the ability to design graphics like how you envisioned it.

What skills do you need for a course in Graphic Design?

Good with computers

To use the latest and greatest, cutting edge technology in graphics designing, you need to be good with computers. Adobe and it’s multiple programmes aren’t easy to use so you’ll need to its use on the computer to stand out.


Sometimes, you have a brilliant idea in your head but are sadly, unable to translate that to the end product. A visionary won’t let this happen, and will push through until the design is finally realized to its fullest potential.


In the media, almost everything requires a design to go along with it. Some small and simple, some large and complex, either way, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Graphics designers need to balance all this out and make sure all the deadlines are met.

What career options do you have with an Graphic Design degree?

Who are all the top recruiters in Malaysia?

Below are a few of the top Graphic Design firms in Malaysia.

Where can you study Graphic Design in Malaysia?

Do note that all courses should be accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Click here  to check if the course you choose is accredited. For a start, here are some of the most popular Graphic Design schools in Malaysia.

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