Study Architecture in Malaysia

Course Duration:

3 - 4 Years

Average Salary:

RM 1,900 - 2,600

Average Fees:

RM 40,000 - 70,000

Job Demand:

What is Architecture?

Studying Architecture in Malaysia is the art and science of the design and construction of buildings and structures that primarily provide shelter.

See the roof over your head that allows you to read this article without being drenched while it rains? Do you know who’s responsible for that (besides your parents of course)? Do you admire the various buildings around you and give your opinion on how it could look nicer? Well, then Architecture just might be the right course for you. Read on as we draw you a picture of what studying Architecture in Malaysia is all about.

Architecture refers to any man-made building, structure, f

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What are the branches of Architecture?

Landscape Architecture

Urban Planning

Visual Arts

Architectural Engineering

Architectural History

Interior Architecture

Industrial Design

Landscape Architecture

Urban Design

What are the subjects you will study in a Architecture course ?




Pendidikan Seni Visual

Advance maths

Structural Physics


Architectural Planning


Land Surveying


Building facilities

Engineering Science

Why should you study Architecture?

A building’s architecture is a creative way of expressing the brand and image the Architect wants to portray and can impact society.

With so many degree options out there, here are some top reasons why you should study Architecture:

Enhance your creativity

Architecture is a rather competitive field as there are many other good Architects out there. So what makes you stand out from the rest? Why, your creativity, of course. Staying in this field for a couple of years may sound daunting for some, but every Architect-to-be knows that the more you work on it, the better you get.


Exploring different cultures, historical buildings and backgrounds of a community can be a great source of inspiration for Architects and you can’t do all that without traveling right? (minus the google images).

International opportunities

Acquiring an Architecture degree opportunities to work in overseas are higher.

What are industry experts saying about Architecture?

Important Note: It is very important to complete at least Part II of the Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) professional examination to be a full fledged Architect. Anything less than that will only permit you to be an Assistant Architect..

How does your education pathway look like?

  1. SPM
  2. Foundation / Diploma (1 – 3 years)
  3. Degree (3 years) = LAM Part I if the course is accredited. If it’s unaccredited, you need to sit for individual exams with LAM for Part I. You can now be an Assistant Architect
  4. Master’s (2 years) = LAM II if the course is accredited. If it’s unaccredited, you need to sit for individual exams with LAM for Part II. You are now a Graduate Architect
  5. 2 years of work experience + Pass LAM Part III exam = Professional Architect

It is necessary for you to do your postgraduate to be a licensed Architect. You can opt to work straight after degree, but you will only be an Assistant Architect. It would take you at least 8 years to be a professional Architect from the completion of SPM. 

What skills do you need for a course in Architecture?


Your drawings were always the highlight of any art class. You were good at either singing, or writing, or sketching, or all of the above. You’ve always been a creative person at heart, but with school being very scientifically oriented, that side of you never flourished.

Good with your hands

While you may not understand a certain recipe, you’re amazing at cooking the exact same dish. Perhaps you’re not amazing at reading musical notes, but you’re a brilliant pianist. Theoretically, you aren’t the best. With your hands, though, and even the best is envious.


While your friends shy away from asking this one girl out on a date, you confidently walk up to her and do just that. Does she say yes? No one really knows. But you have the confidence to do it. You know that in life, confidence is key, in every aspect, and the more confident you are with people around you, the more positive they’ll be with you in return.

Hard worker

You were the kind of student who, when he/she got home from school, the first thing you did was your homework. You always studied weeks before exams. You constantly kept yourself busy and enjoyed feeling productive. To you, there was never a substitute for hard work. You’re a firm believer that hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work.

What career options do you have with an Architecture degree?

Who are all the top recruiters in Malaysia?

Below are a few of the top Architecture firms in Malaysia.

Where can you study Architecture in Malaysia?

It’s important that your undergraduate and postgraduate level of study is accredited by LAM to reduce the hassle of taking another LAM exam. Do note that all courses should be accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Click here to check if the course you choose is accredited.

For a start, here are some of the most popular Architecture schools in Malaysia.

Top Universities/Colleges to study
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