Your guide to studying American Degree Programme in Malaysia

Course Duration:

4 Years

Average Salary:


Average Fees:

RM 60,000 - 80,000

Job Demand:

Study American Degree Programme?

The American Degree Program or American Degree Transfer Program (ADP or ADTP) is a degree level of study offered by private institutions of higher learning that is designed to prepare students for entry into American universities.

Are you uncertain about which course you should join? Maybe you have no clue, as much as you’ve tried to think about it. But, that’s okay! Have you also dreamt of going to the United States of America and studying in a prestigious university there, only to have your dreams crushed by

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What is American Degree Programme?

ADP provides you with the opportunity to experience the American education system. A huge difference that gives ADP students an advantage is that they’ll already be enrolled in a degree programme directly after SPM! Imagine the look on your friend’s faces! You will experience a wholly different type of education than what you're used to, with more flexible grading systems, and you’ll be forced to think outside the box.

What are the streams you will study in a American Degree Programme?


Computer Science


Liberal Arts / Literature


Social Sciences

Natural Sciences

Quantitative Skills

Oral Communication and Writing

What are the subjects you will study in a American Degree Programme?


Actuarial Science



International Business



Computer Science:

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Graphics

Computer Gaming

Computer Network

Software Development

Environmental Science

Engineering :

Aerospace (Aeronautical) Engineering

Applied Science

Chemical / Petroleum Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical / Electronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Liberal Arts / Literature:

Anthropology / Archeology


Mass Communication

Political Science



Foundation of Acting

Music Appreciation


Introduction to Philosophy


World Civilizations 1

World Civilizations 2

World Religions

Bible Knowledge

Introduction to Christian Theology

Social Sciences:

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Introduction to Sociology

General Psychology

Social Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

American Government

Natural Sciences:

Biology 1 with Lab

Biology 2 with Lab

Chemistry in Context with Lab

Introduction to Foods with Lab

Introduction to Nutrition with Lab

College Chemistry with Lab

General Chemistry 1 with Lab

General Chemistry 2 with Lab

College Physics with Lab

General Physics 1 with Lab

General Physics 2 with Lab

Quantitative Skills:

College Algebra

Concepts of Calculus


Calculus 1

Calculus 2

Calculus 3 with Lab

Differential Equations

Introduction to Linear Algebra

Probability and Statistics

Statistical Methods with Lab

Statistical Analysis with Lab

Oral Communication and Writing:

Intensive English

English for Academic Writing 1

English for Academic Writing 2

Public Speaking

Business Communications

What general requirements you need to be a American Degree Programme?

There are many areas of American Degree Programme, including:

Students who have undergone SPM/O-Levels have to obtain at least 5 credits including English in order to qualify for ADP.

Important Note: If you want to pursue a course in Medicine or other Medical-related courses, it’s best to choose a shorter pre-university programme to complete your studies faster. With ADP, you will need eight years to complete a Medical course.

How does your education pathway look like?

Synopsis of Pathway

  • SPM
  • ADP (4 years)

Students are offered an option to choose between a 1+3 or 2+2 curriculum. 1+3 means you’ll be studying your first year in Malaysia and the remaining three years in the US or two years here and another two over there.

What is the Exam structure in American Degree Programme?

These rules are put together to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected so that we can live freely and peacefully, preventing social chaos.

Exam Structure:

ADP lasts a total of four years and upon completion, will see you conferred with a Bachelor's Degree. Students can take as few as two subjects, and as many as six, with the only prerequisite being that they fulfill the required credit hours to advance. To calculate your credit hours, you multiply the number of subjects taken (a) by the credits allocated for that subject (b). Then, multiply that answer with the number of semesters you took the subject for (c). a x b x c = number of credits you have. To obtain an undergraduate degree, you will need around 110 to 140 credits. As mentioned earlier, the more subjects you take, the more credits you accumulate, the faster you graduate. It’s really that simple! But taking too many subjects in one go can drain you. So be wise in your choice.

Grading System:

The grading system is similar to what you’ll find in Malaysian universities, the CGPA. An A+ would give you a GPA of 4.00 for a particular subject, a B+ would give you a 3.33, and so on. The total of all your GPAs from your chosen subjects will be averaged and thus, you get your final CGPA which can range from 0.0 to 4.0.


The programme is four years long


Varies, depending on the institution


Approximately RM60,000 – RM80,000

Where can you study American Degree Programme in Malaysia?

Here are some of the most popular colleges offering ADP in Malaysia

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