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PENANG FUTURE FOUNDATION, made possible by donations from private sectors and individuals, is a scholarship program awarded by the Penang State Government to outstanding and deserving Malaysians to pursue their undergraduate studies in Malaysia. This is one of the State’s initiatives to stem the tide of brain drain and nurture Penang as a talent hub. While the scholarships are open to all eligible Malaysians regardless of race, religion and gender, preference will be given to outstanding and deserving youths from single, low to middle-income families. Upon successful completion of studies, the sponsored scholars are required to work in Penang in organizations of their choice, be it in the private or public sector.

PENANG FUTURE FOUNDATION aims to be the ladders of opportunity our Malaysian youths can climb on or the escalators that propel young Malaysians towards a better future. To help us help young bright Malaysians, PENANG FUTURE FOUNDATION constantly welcomes contributions from private sectors and donors.

Application period: 1st July to 22nd July 2022


Applicant must meet all the below requirements

General Criteria

  1. Minimum CGPA of 3.00 in STPM/ Foundation/ Matriculation/ Diploma/ UEC & equivalent; OR
  2. Currently pursuing an undergraduate course in Malaysia IPT with minimum CGPA of 3.00; and
  3. Household income not more than RM 5,000 per month (equivalent to RM 60,000 annualized); and
    • Parents’ 2 years tax return/ BE Form must be attached
  4. Malaysian 25 years or younger; and
  5. Entering/ Currently pursuing full time first undergraduate Degree (fully accredited by MQA) in Malaysia


  1. Penangite or studied in Penang
  2. Academic achievements
  3. Good cognitive skills ie: leadership, communication, teamwork
  4. Recipient of state/ national/ international level prize/award; both academic and non-academic
Preferred Discipline

MQA fully-accredited courses in Science*, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Accountancy/ Finance

*Exclude Medicine

Amount Info
  1. Living Allowance of RM 500 per month (to be paid out quarterly)
  2. Tuition Fee not exceeding RM 60,000 for the entire course (based on actual amount invoiced by the university / pays directly to university)
  3. Award only takes effect upon execution of scholarship agreement and does not cover retrospective tuition fee/ living expenses incurred by the scholar.

Academic Performance Standard & Maintenance

  1. Must maintain CGPA of 3.00 and above at all times.
  2. Reminder of possible revocation will be served for any semester of CGPA below 3.00.
  3. Timely submission of the latest examination slip at the end of each semester.

Service Bond

  1. To work in any organization of own choice (private OR public sector) in Penang
  2. Bond Period calculated based on the value of Tuition Fee AND Living Allowance sponsored; one year of service for every RM 20,000.
  3. Minimum one year service bond, maximum of EIGHT years.
  4. Bond is served by period of actual employment in Penang.

Tuition Fee AND Living Allowance Sponsored

  • Less or equal to RM 20,000: 1 Year Service Bond
  • > RM 20,000 – RM 40,000: 2 Years Service Bond
  • > RM 40,000 – RM 60,000: 3 Years Service Bond
  • > RM 60,000 – RM 80,000: 4 Years Service Bond
  • > RM 80,000 – RM 100,000: 5 Years Service Bond
  • > RM 100,000 – RM 120,000: 6 Years Service Bond
  • > RM 120,000 – RM 140,000: 7 Years Service Bond
  • > RM 140,000 – RM 160,000: 8 Years Service Bond

How to apply for Penang Future Foundation Scholarship (Mutiara Scholar)

Learn how you can apply now
  1. Online application opens from 1st July to 22nd July 2022. Refer to the announcement at the home page via the link above.
  2. Submit application and supporting documents via online only. (Application and documents submitted over the counter or send in via post or email will not be accepted.)
Contact Info

For more information, please contact:


IB II 2.03, Level 2 Komtar,
10000, Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia.


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