Hospitality & Culinary Arts

Culinary arts, is the art of preparing, cooking, presenting, and serving food, most commonly associated with restaurant meals. A hospitality course, however, teaches you how to effectively connect with potential clients and workers, and how to expand a hospitality business competitively. Both Hospitality & Culinary Arts can be closely related in certain industries. This is where we introduce you to the various courses existing under this field.

Courses Under Hospitality & Culinary Arts

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Have you been a fan of MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen? Not because of Gordon Ramsay and his impeccable hair, but for the food that’s cooked. Are you the self-appointed chef at home, the kitchen is your very own personal white canvas in which you deep fry and fricassee all kind of meat and wonderful little sauces? If so, then you may want to consider studying culinary arts in Malaysia

Chefs have various types of tasks and this depends on the type of food they are preparing to the type of restaurant they are working in. However, all chefs are deemed as the head of the kitchen. Besides cooking, chefs plan the menu according to the restaurant's’ theme, supervise kitchen staff, preparing the ingredients and even the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Have you enjoyed organising events, whether it was back in school or even gatherings with friends? Do you enjoy the hectic nature of trying to get many different moving parts to seamlessly come together and work? Are you an organised, time-oriented person? If so, then you may want to consider studying Event Management in Malaysia. Let us clear any lingering doubts you may have over the course.

From the global spectacle of the FIFA world cup to private wine tasting events, public festivities, commemorations and regional science fairs, event management has turned into a profitable business. There will be many people involved and suppliers to liaise with, but an Event Manager will have to be a team leader, organising events and ensuring the smooth flow of the entire planning and execution process. This industry is a rather fast-paced and dynamic sector.

Do you know that hospitality has nothing to do with becoming a doctor? Instead, it has everything to do with the service industry. Do you enjoy talking to people of all kinds AND have a passion ensuring they always receive the best possible service at all times? If this sounds like you, then read on as we unfold how far studying Hospitality & Tourism Management in Malaysia can bring you.

Hospitality & Tourism Management very much focuses on providing guests with the best experience, and this is done by managing all aspects of service. As the manager of a hotel and travel agency, you are required to project the image and lifestyle your hotel holds and travel locations/ destinations, its’ values and hospitality through effective communication and branding. Your responsibility is to make those who come from a far away country, feel at home. Graduates of this course are highly employable in the hospitality, events, tourism, business and management industries.

Did you know that chocolate chips were invented after chocolate chip cookies? Is your idea of flaunting your creative flair creating pastries as fluffy and light as clouds? Do you have a sweet tooth? Perhaps you’ve secretly wanted to master the art of making a Soufflé but never knew how. If so, then perhaps studying Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine in Malaysia may just be for you. Hang around to find out more about this course.

A course in Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine will produce pastry chefs in the food industry from carving a career in top restaurants, creating confectioneries, or being involved in a catering business. Pastry-making requires a whole different technique from the skillsets of a Chef De Cuisine. You’ll need to have an eye for detail as the tiniest mistake could cost you the whole batch of pastries. You’ll also need to have plenty of patience, precision and management skills to be a successful Pastry Chef.

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