Computer Technology

The study of Computer Technology is the scientific study of computing, designing, creating and inventing new technologies- both hardware and software. Learn more about the courses available under this field on this page!

Courses Under Computer Technology

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Do you think the inside of a computer as an entirely unique ecosystem? Do you think of computing as a language in itself? Do you think of algorithms and data structures as logic and proof? Most importantly, do you know the difference between a Computer Scientist and a Programmer? If you do, then perhaps studying computer science in Malaysia would be perfect for you!

Computer Science is a broad subject and it covers anything from software development all the way to hardware development and anything in between. You will learn the science of computation, which includes foundational concepts like algorithms and data structures; logic and proof; computational complexity; models of computation, architecture, principles of operating system, and programming language design and implementation.

A Computer Science degree will equip you with a solid foundation in computing skills, so that as the field continues to evolve, you are ready to adapt.

Are you an avid fan of games like DOTA, LOL, CS and the like? Do you live and breathe games? Are you a stickler for the details? Do you also know what goes into actually making a game? If your answer is yes, yes and YES, then put your interests to good use and make some money out of it! Let us give you an in-depth look in studying game development in Malaysia and what it will entail.

It takes a lot of effort and skill to produce a video game, be it on PlayStation, computers or even Facebook! But when you actually play them, have you ever thought how these things are being done, like the game developer having to earn a degree for it? The gaming industry is a multibillion dollar industry and has a steady stream of Malaysians hooked in gaming. The number of gaming consoles, devices and games out in the market are proof of the global popularity of video games that is taking the world by storm. If you are a video game enthusiast, then you can channel your passion into acquiring a related degree and ultimately launch a successful career in the gaming industry.

Are you a hard-worker who constantly works instead of resorting to last minute studying? Do you prefer more practical assignments compared to long essays or MCQs? Do you constantly think of how computers are the future, and ways you can improve on the existing ones? If so, then you may want to consider the course on Information Technology.

Information technology (IT) involves the use of computers, storage and networking devices to create, process, store, share and secure electronic data. It is a fast-growing field, due largely to the high demand for IT services across all industries. IT degree programs prepare students to earn potentially lucrative salaries while working for IT departments and consulting firms. Here are some of the topics that an IT course could cover: Database Management Systems. Communication and networking Fundamentals of Programming. Here are some of the topics that an IT course could cover: Database Management Systems. Communication and networking Fundamentals of Programming. Read more to learn how to get started in the field of IT, from the various types of degrees available within the field such as Cyber Security, Network Computing, Internet of Things (IOT), FinTech, AI and more to secure employment.

Do you just love fixing things, specifically if it involves high-end technology? Have you always wondered why do computers have bugs? A Software Engineer’s duties include testing, writing algorithms, maintenance of computer systems, coding or deployment. To put it in a layman’s term, basically, they do whatever it takes to make a computer run smoothly but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The editing software, gaming software, business applications and operating systems you use are developed by Software Engineers. As the world is already in the digital age, this career is high in demand and will be an indispensable job in the future.

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