Certified True Copy of all academic records (SPM/O-Level and Foundation/Matriculation/A-Levels). Academic records in language other than English must be accompanied with approved translation. (TIDAK FHM PSL TRUE COPY TU)PERLU PENGESAHAN? IF PERLU DI MANA? SIAPA? Certified True Copy of TOEFL/MUET/IELTS results.( SAMA SHJA X FHM TRUE COPY) PERLU PENGESAHAN? IF PERLU DI MANA? SIAPA? 1 Copy of passport, all pages including blank pages(MAKSUD BLANK PAGES??)

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By eson

18.01 pm, August 12, 2017
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    Hi Eson,
    A certified true copy means you’ll have to give a copy of your certificates to any government officers ranked N41 and above (assemblyman, headmaster, ADUN, etc.) to certify all your qualifications. You will need to physically meet them to get their approval.

    As for the question on passport, you will need to photostat all pages of your passport including pages that do not have anything (blank page).

    Hope this helps.

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