Your guide to studying Matriculation in Malaysia

Course Duration:

1.5 Years

Average Salary:

MYR 5,000

Average Fees:

MYR 1,000

Job Demand:

Study Government Matriculation?

Matriculation is a pre-university programme offered by government schools.

Compared with Form 6 (STPM), it is a fairly easy pre-university course. Ninety per cent (90%) of Matriculation placement is allocated to bumiputra students and 10% to non-bumiputras. Matriculation is the best option to enrol in local public universities because it is easier and costs nothing (bes

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What is Government Matriculation?

Program Matrikulasi Malaysia in Malay, or the Malaysian Matriculation Programme in English, is a 2-year pre-university course taken by many local students today. Matrikulasi is seen as the most popular course taken among the Malaysians and is seen as an extremely cost-effective route into tertiary education. It is seen as a course for students who wish to pursue their academic careers in public universities after completing this particular course. The course may be a national course; however, it is still recognised by foreign universities in; Australia, United Kingdom, Indonesia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries. 

What are the streams you will study in a Government Matriculation?



Professional Accounting


What are the subjects you will study in a Government Matriculation?






Computer Science




Business Study


Professional Accounting:

Business Management

Financial Accounting

Mathematical Accounting



Chemical Engineering

Physical Engineering

Engineering Study

Compulsory Subjects:

English Langauge

Pengajiam Am Matrikulasi

Islamic / Moral Education

What general requirements you need to be a Government Matriculation?

There are many areas of Government Matriculation, including:

Matriculation is only applicable for SPM-Leavers who have met the minimum requirements for each stream available

  • Science: C for Bahasa Melayu, C for English, B for Mathematics, C for Additional Mathematics, C for Chemistry, E for History, and C for either; Physics or Biology.
  • Accountancy: C for Bahasa Melayu, C for English, C for Mathematics, C for Additional Mathematics, E for History, and C for two of any Accountancy Subjects.
  • Technical: C for Bahasa Melayu, C for English, B for Mathematics, C for Additional Mathematics, C for Physics, E for Chemistry, E for History, and C for one of any Technical Subjects.
  • Professional Accountancy: C for Bahasa Melayu, A for English, A for Mathematics, C for Additional Mathematics, E for History, A for any three other subjects. 

Because of the large competition, if you want to apply for matriculation, do make sure your grades are much higher than the requirements listed above in order to be recognised! 

What is the Exam structure in Government Matriculation?

These rules are put together to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected so that we can live freely and peacefully, preventing social chaos.

Exam Structure:

Classroom Assignments

- Core Subjects : 10% - 20%

- Compulsory Subjects : 100%

- English Language : 40%

Mid-Semester Exams

- Core Subjects : 10%

- Compulsory Subjects : Not Applicable

- English Language : 10%

Final Semester Exams

- Core Subjects : 70% - 80%

- Compulsory Subjects : Not Applicable

- English Language : 50%

Grading System:

Grading system is similar to public and some private universities where the grades are calculated into a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) which is used to assess your performance. Your final CGPA is calculated by your GPA which you obtain at the end of every semester. In order to graduate, the student must have a CGPA minimum of 2.00, or else the student must repeat a semester or maybe be eliminated from the programme completely. 

After the completion, the graduates can apply for public universities through the Bahagian Kemasukan Pelajar IPTA (UPU) once the Matriculation results have been obtained. 

  • For Professional Accountancy Streams, you cannot apply through UPU for public universities as it will only allow you to further your studies in Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) at UiTM only.


Matriculation will take between a year to two depending on the type of course you take and it’s completion time based on its units. 


The application period starts from January until April. Starting in 2020, students must apply through Bahagian Kemasukan Pelajar IPTA (UPU) official website. The intake only in May every year.

Where can you study Government Matriculation in Malaysia?

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