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The World Of Cybercrime And How to Beat The Hackers: Curiosity Made Puven Choose Degree in Computer Science (Cyber Security) to Beat The Hackers

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 25, 2020, 12:16 pm

Hello everyone, my name is Puven Alvin Victor, I am 21 years of age and am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Computer Science (Cyber Security) (Hons.) in University Tenaga Nasional (The Energy University) or as it is more fondly known as, “UNITEN”.

The main entrance to the UNITEN campus here in Kajang.

The first time I was introduced to UNITEN was when my school mate’s older brother got accepted to further his studies in Mechanical Engineering there. If I am honest, I did not even think about looking up UNITEN on the Internet as I assumed it was a university for those who are specifically looking to pursue engineering. It was also safe to say that I was not planning on going there at all. I chose UNITEN eventually because it had the course that covered my area of interest and the fees were reasonable and affordable. In addition to that, I received financial aid from UNITEN and that pretty much sealed the deal. I chose to study the course that I am currently taking because of one simple reason, “as technology evolves, so will cybercrime” and that is when people like me will be most needed and as mentioned earlier, UNITEN had just the thing I needed.

That’s me!

My life here at UNITEN has been nothing short of delightful. There is an array of photogenic areas here on campus and they have always been breath taking to look at, especially if the weather and lighting are just right. Also, it may sound impossible but I have never faced an issue with any of my lecturers and their classes in spite of the changes we had to undergo courtesy of Covid-19. 

Thanks to my dedicated lecturers, I have been scoring Dean’s List for every consecutive semester that I have been here, even the facilities are up to date and are convenient for us students. I’d personally give them a good rating as you could probably get your groceries from one of mini marts even if you have just stopped by the university to have a look around. Our lifestyle here can be summarized as “chilled yet controlled” which as it turns out is a win-win situation for both the management and us students. My hangout spot within the campus is the College of Computing and Informatics as it boasts a beautiful view around it. As to my favourite hangout spot outside of campus, it would most definitely be IOI City Mall.

Me winning the Best Speaker and bagging the championship trophy for UNITEN during a debate tournament at the Infrastructure University (IUKL).

I have lost count of how many awesome experiences I have had here. One of those experiences is that I had the opportunity to join some fantastic clubs and organizations, as of now I have been a member of and have participated in events held by several the Debate Club, the Frisbee Club, Techflow (UNITEN Christian Fellowship Society) and this may seem to be odd or even make no sense entirely, but I got to be the President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)! 

My path to being the President was not an easy one, but it was definitely rewarding. I learnt to be more confident with who I am, to appreciate who I am and most importantly to always be humble whether in the midst of triumph or disaster. I would like to think that my constant spirit of never giving up was the reason I am where I am today. Now, if you have been reading this far, good because if you are ever considering on pursuing your degree in either Engineering or Computer Science, this is the place to do it, and once you are done, you may even start your very own company and hire people to work for you instead of the other way around.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers during our annual Team Building at SKYTREX Sungai Congkak.

In short, you would not regret choosing UNITEN because not only does it provide quality education, it also allows you to learn outside of the classroom thus allowing you to constantly think out of the box to explore your own creative intellect. The icing on the cake is that you will definitely graduate from UNITEN leaving behind a memorable student life!

To get more information or apply to UNITEN, click here!

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