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Malaysian University English Test (MUET) is compulsory for those who are planning to enter Malaysia public institutions. Generally, there are four components in MUET 2022-2023 which are listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The speaking component contributes 45 marks (15%) to the total MUET score. It is perhaps the component that make candidates nervous the most. Not just coming up with ideas in a short amount of time, students have to be confident speaking in front of the examiners as well. In order to get you prepared for your speaking test, we have collected some helpful tips for you!

The format of MUET Speaking Test (800/2) is as follow:

Task A – Individual Presentation

Candidates are given 2 minutes to prepare their ideas based on the question and 2 minutes to present them.

Task B – Group Discussion

Candidates are given 2 minutes to either support or oppose other candidates’ views. 10 minutes are given to the entire group for discussion.

A sample question is listed as follow.

Challenges of Studying Abroad (MUET Speaking Year-End 2011)

A: homesick

B: language barrier

C: financial problems

D: culture shock

Image credit: ESL Learning & More

First, let us look into Task A.

When you enter the room, be sure to check whether you are candidate A, B, C or D.

Then, read the topic given carefully. You may ask question if you do not understand the question. Don’t be shy. It is better to get the correct idea instead of making wrong assumptions.

Now, you are given 2 minutes to think about your presentation. Generally, candidates are recommended to think about 3 points in order to make their presentation more solid. However, you can also focus on 2 points if you think that the elaborations are strong enough. Either way, you are expected to speak for a full 2 minutes (or at the very least, 1 minute 45 seconds). The key is to deliver your presentation fluently, confidently and accurately.

Do note that you MUST agree with the point given to you. You may disagree your given point or support the other points during group discussion only.

When it’s not your turn, do not just space out to your own universe. Pay attention to the other candidates and jot down their points. It could be very helpful for your next task.

Moving on, Task B.

In 2 minutes, prepare your points whether you choose to support your own point or other candidates’. The group discussion is expected to last a full 10 minutes.

Group discussion can be quite tricky. You need to manage or steer the discussion well. You should not be too dominant in the discussion, but you also should not be too quiet with nothing to say.

You may initiate the discussion, or pre-decide with your friends if you are sitting for the same session together. During the discussion, you may ask the others’ opinion (address them with Candidate A/B/C/D even if you know their names), or help them to finish their sentences when they are stuck.

The best scenario here is to able to create a comfortable atmosphere for you and the other candidates so that you can all talk naturally and have a good time together. If you yourself find the discussion boring, imagine being the examiners having to spend their whole day listening to the same conversation over and over.

On a side note, pay attention to your body language. Make eye contact with the other candidates and the examiners. Take a deep breath and smile if you are feeling too nervous. Remember, just be natural. There is no need to get tensed. Take this speaking test as an opportunity for you to practice public speaking and hone your presentation skills.

Last but not least, we have attached a few links down below where you can discover samples of Band 6 speaking test answers or questions related to the MUET Past Year Questions:




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