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Careers that You Can Pursue with a Business Administration Degree

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 21, 2020, 10:36 am

Have you ever received a comment like, “You’re taking Business Admin? That sounds boring?”

Yeah, we get it. Business Administration majors are often faced with stereotypes like they picked Business Administration because they did not know what to pursue or were too lazy to pick some other generic course. Some would even say it’s a waste of a career choice or just a memorizing course.

Well, forget those haters! Because these stereotypes will be successfully debunked with these five career choices that could be pursued with a Business Administration Degree!

Sales Manager

A Sales Manager is the individual that is tasked for coaching and leading salespersons. They help assign sales territories, hiring and firing a salesperson, setting quotas, assigning sales raining, mentoring the members in the team and building a sales plan. To be a sales manager, you would need a talent in micromanaging and delegating task.

Average Monthly Salary (Entry-Level): RM4,300/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM62,400/year

Market Research Analyst

Market research analyst assist a company to gain knowledge on who are their clients, the relevant products they should be selling, and methods they could apply to successfully promote their products. The market research analysts are tasked to design surveys, train and supervise interviewers who conduct the surveys, scrutinize and analyse the research, and they report the results to management. Various industries and consulting firms employ Market research analysts.

Average Monthly Salary (Entry-Level): RM3,700/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM57,600/year

Financial Analyst

A financial analysts focuses more on gathering data such as earnings releases, run financial models and also design financial recommendations They also establishes a strong knowledge grasp of relevant business, sector or industry. Then, the financial analyse presents presentations that communicate their opinions on important investments. 

There are two categories that falls under a financial analyst role, which are buy-side analysts and sell side analysts.  A buy- side financial analysts performs research and make recommendations to the fund’s money managers for mutual fund company or pension fund organizations. And the sell-side? They make recommendations to the firm’s clients on stocks that they should buy and sell for a brokerage or firm that manages individual accounts.

Average Monthly Salary (Entry-Level): RM6,400/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM 80,400/year

Human Resources (HR) Specialist 

A human resources (HR) specialist prepares or updates the records of employment that includes hiring, terminating, transferring and promoting. A HR specialist ensures the paperwork of newly hired employee is completed and processed. They are also responsible to inform job applicants about their benefits, job roles and responsibilities, schedules, working environment and conditions, promotion opportunities etc.

HR handles and navigates employment related issues and address them such as harassment allegations and work complaints. The HR specialist and also processes every personnel action forms and ensure there are proper approvals. The HR oversees the process of hiring which consist of coordinating job posts, reviewing resumes and performing checks on references.

Average Monthly Salary (Entry-Level): RM2,800 /month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM38,400/year


Business Consultant

Business Consultants assist companies’ methods in improving their business’s efficiency. Managers are advised by Business Consultant on how to make the company profitable through reduced cost and increased revenue. They basically organize information about a problem and design procedures for improvement, confer with manager to ensure changes are working and recommend new system and organization changes.

Average Monthly Salary (Entry-Level): RM5,000 /month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM80,400/year

Other than the professions mentioned above, a degree in Business Administration would be beneficial for you as there is a high demand for business admin’s services and expertise! According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration is becoming a very high demand.

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