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Careers You Can Pursue with a Performing Arts Degree

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 04, 2020, 05:08 pm

A frequently quoted line in Shakespeare says that “all the world’s a stage”. Whether you see yourself starring on the big screen or playing along with the group in a symphony orchestra, a performing arts degree is essential. It provides budding actors, dancers and musicians with the knowledge, training and connections they need to get ahead in this tough, deeply fulfilling world.

With a performing arts degree, you can go into a number of careers in the arts field.

Community arts worker

As a community arts worker, you'll promote artistic activities to local groups and individuals to support their development and improve their quality of life. You'll mainly work in areas where there are social, cultural or environmental issues and will use a range of art forms to engage with different community groups.


As a choreographer, you'll create and plan routines for performance, usually to music or to evoke an idea in the heads of the audience. You'll create dance routines to entertain at live shows, events or for TV and films. You're usually required to plan the whole performance, from teaching the steps to the dancers to working with costume designers and directors to achieve the desired outcome.

Drama therapist

Drama therapists create channels of communication through theatre, story-telling and performance arts. As a drama therapist you'll use these performance arts to provide a safe environment to help people explore, address and deal with a range of personal and social difficulties. Working either on a one-to-one basis or with groups of clients, you'll use a range of interventions, including stories, puppetry, masks, role play, drama and movement.

Music therapist

Music therapists use music creatively to help their clients address social, emotional or physical difficulties. You won't teach your clients to sing or play an instrument, but will communicate through music making and a shared musical experience to support them and facilitate positive changes in their behavior, communication and well being.

Theatre director

Theatre directors have responsibility for the practical and creative interpretation of a dramatic script or musical score. You'll be involved in the whole process, from the design and pre-production stages, right through to the final performance. You'll work closely with creative and production teams, performers and the producer to create a performance which connects with the audience.

There is so much more to the performing arts than acting, directing, dancing or designing. From technical roles to working in wardrobe. Moreover, many careers in the art field are showing promising growth. Acting opportunities, particularly those in digital media, are growing faster than in most industries. Performing arts teachers are also in high demand.

It is said that creative expression helps us to better understand our world, and to become better at navigating life’s challenges. Art enables us to examine and reflect upon society, both as performers and audience members. Arts have often played a major role in movements for social change. If you want to make a difference and express your vision of the world, a degree in performing arts is a great place to start.

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