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Online Classes: Expectation Vs Reality

Published by on Nov 18, 2020, 03:26 pm

The struggle to adapt to online learning is actually ridiculous. 

Expectation: Crystal clear online meetings

The reality: Your lecturer is suddenly a pixelated version of themselves

This is a very annoying situation but ultimately depends on your Internet connectivity.  Poor internet connection can result in a pixelated screen, distorted audio, and a few awkward frozen moments here and there. This will of course disrupt the whole lesson – whether on the lecturer’s end or yours – and there goes another wasted fifteen minutes.

Yeah, nope.

Expectation: Full punctuality marks for everyone!

The reality: You streamed KPOP music videos til 3am and whoop, look at that, class is halfway done

While studying from home means more flexible time for students, let’s be honest. Most of us are taking advantage of the flexibility to indulge in our other interests instead – which means we also indulge in sleeping late at night to play games, watch some KPOP content, read the thickest book, and stream Youtube videos.

Which wouldn’t be an issue if we had no classes at 8 am, huh?


Expectation: Catching up on schoolwork and completing assignments with no distractions

Reality: Suddenly everyone at home has something to say in the middle of the lessons

Even though you clearly emphasized that you have classes until 3pm, someone still knocks on your door and disrupt the peace. And once the mind has been distracted, it’s difficult to get back into focus as you’ve already missed some crucial five minutes of the lecture.

It's even more annoying when you're in the middle of doing that one assignment and suddenly everyone needs your time and attention right there.

Expectation: Your study area is clean, organized and neat

Reality: You literally live on your bed

This is the unfortunate case for most of us. You might have organized a cute study spot for your online classes (there's even a tiny plant to accompany you!) but more often than not, you've made your bed too comfortable to leave it. 


Expectation: Everyone will be considerate because of the pandemic

Reality: Rules are stricter and it’s stressing you out

Sometimes, you’re just not in the environment to have a conductive online learning experience. But no matter how much you try to explain it to your lecturers or other classmates, some still refuse to be understanding of things that are out of your control.

The results? You’re juggling pressure to complete and pass your assignments, deal with stress at home and even face relationship strains. It's truly cruel.

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