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Courses That Cannot Guarantee You a Job Because of COVID-19

Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 10, 2020, 05:28 pm

Browsing through Wobb and other job searching sites, we started realizing a pattern. There were certain jobs from certain fields/courses that just aren't showing up and it's mostly due to the negative impact the pandemic left on that certain industry. 

Today, we listed four courses that are unfortunately not marketable for graduates due to COVID-19:


Top of the list is unfortunately aviation. Travel restrictions have made it impossible for the airline industry to survive in this economic turmoil since, well, no one is travelling! Airports have never been more deserted until this year, and we just saw Malindo Air undergo a huge downsize, affecting 2600 employees.

If you still plan to pursue aviation, maybe wait until the pandemic is over, yeah?


Hospitality and Tourism

Of course, when the ability to travel is curb, tourism suffers from it. In many of the world's cities, travel went dramatically down by 80–90%.  It’s not to say hospitality and tourism graduates are doomed because at one point, interstate travelling was pretty popular so tourism within Malaysia did improve. But with the current third wave of cases going on, local tourism went back to being mute again.

So, it’s pretty big gamble to find a stable job within the tourism industry at the moment.

Performing Arts

As much as we love the performing arts, we’ve got some bad news for you. Finding a job with a performing arts degree under your belt was already difficult before but now, it’s almost impossible. Since theatres (Istana Budaya, for example) are all ordered to shut down and shows are postponed, the performing arts industry unfortunately suffers.

Without the public support and audience, your degree in performing arts might need to be shelved until the pandemic is over.


Unfortunately with schools closed for long periods of time, being a teacher right now is risky. A lot of teachers across the world have been laid off and trying to find a teaching job in a school as a freshly graduate teacher might be difficult. But it's not totally the end. Many have resorted to tutoring - but tutoring two or three kids can only bring so much stability unlike a proper teaching posting at a school.

We can only hope that once school resumes, more teacher will be hired to help students catch up on the syllabus. 


As our list ends here today, we wish everyone good luck surviving these trying pandemic times.

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