Study Public Relations in Malaysia

Course Duration:

3 - 4 Years

Average Salary:

RM 2,000 - 2,900

Average Fees:

RM 50,000 - 90,000

Job Demand:

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations (PR) in Malaysia is the study of strategic communications process to build and maintain strong relationship with stakeholders.

Are you someone who keeps up to date with the latest news and current trends? Are you someone who isn’t afraid to speak up to a crowd no matter how big or small they may be? In school, were you as comfortable talking to your head mistress as you were with your junior? If so, then studying Public Relations in Malaysia may not be such a bad idea. Read on, as we enthral you with what the course will encompass.

Despite popular media representations of the industry, PR isn't all gl

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What are the branches of Public Relations?

Corporate Communications

Nonprofit Public Relations

Public Relations Agencies

Government Agencies and Offices

What are the subjects you will study in a Public Relations course ?



Bahasa Malaysia




Introduction to Communication Studies

Public Relations

Media Relations

Corporate Communications

Why should you study Public Relations?

Public Relations is crucial in helping an organisation achieve its full potential as it provides feedback to that organisation from the public or from target audiences.

With so many degree options out there, here are some top reasons why you should study Public Relations:

Job Options

PR graduates can find employment in many sectors, such as media, government agencies, non-profit organisations, and educational institutions.


Has someone ever cut you off when you were sharing an ‘interesting’ story? Well, maybe you thought it was interesting but didn’t realise people were either yawning or filing their nails at back. A course in Communication will help you grab your audience’s attention and deliver impactful messages through your persuasive skills.

Build Confidence

Whether you’re as shy as a mouse or as fearless as Taylor Swift, enrolling in a Communications course would help you build your confidence. Presentations, public speaking and groups projects will boost your confidence and before you know it, you’re a proud graduate!

What are industry experts saying about Public Relations?

What are the entry requirements for an Public Relations course?

Degree in Public Relations

A-Level :

Pass A-Level with 2 principal passes or equivalent, recognised by the Malaysian Government


Pass STPM with at least Grade C (CGPA 2.00) in three (3) subjects or equivalent


Tertiary Entrance Rank of 70 and Grade B in 2 of the relevant subjects


Pass UEC with a minimum of Grade B in at least five (5) subjects

Canadian Pre-University (CPU) :

Average of 70% in 6 of the relevant subjects

Matriculation :

Pass Matriculation under the Ministry of Education with at least a CGPA of 2.00 or equivalent

Master in Public Relations

Degree :

A relevant first or second class Honours degree, or a degree qualification, or equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government, acceptable to the University

Degree :

Degree in communications with min CGPA 2.5 or third class honours or equivalent

PhD in Public Relations

Master's :

A Master's Degree in relevant field and shows evidence of adequate related research or work experiences to satisfaction of Senate

Important Note: If you plan to work in PR agencies that provide crisis communication to its clients, be prepared to work 24/7 when a crisis emerges. .

What skills do you need for a course in Public Relations?


You may have to speak in front of dozens upon dozens of reporters, to defend your company against a scandalous allegation, all equipped with cameras recording your every facial twitch. All right, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you will have to deal with situations that need you to be cool, calm and collected.


Whether it’s talking in front of a camera that’s broadcasting to over 20 states, or just writing a piece that your editor will have to edit, you’ll need to have confidence, both in yourself and the work your produce.


You know all of Donald Trump’s cabinet members, you know the latest innovation in technology, you even know the first object to ever have a bar code (That is Wrigley’s chewing gum). You’re well-read and knowledgeable about a wealth of subjects.

What career options do you have with an Public Relations degree?

Who are all the top recruiters in Malaysia?

Below are a few of the top Public Relations firms in Malaysia.

Where can you study Public Relations in Malaysia?

Do note that all courses should be accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Click here to check if the course you choose is accredited. For a start, here are some of the most popular Public Relations schools in Malaysia.

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