“Laptop for Siswa” and “#hayatkedua” Calls For Donations To Help Varsity Students Receive Free Laptops

Published by on Nov 17, 2020, 10:21 am

To help students with lack of proper resources for online learning, a number of initiatives are taking action to raise funds - including Dr Maszlee Malik's "1 Siswa 1 Laptop" and an independent group's movement "#hayatkedua".

1 Siswa 1 Laptop is calling for donations to help raise RM60,000 for 50,000 students across the country. With this campaign, Mazlee can further aid students with “Laptop for Siswa”, where you can also donate used laptops in good conditions. Donations can be made here and for students who wish to apply to receive the aid, they can contact the following numbers in the poster.

Meanwhile, #hayatkedua is also calling for donations to help varsity students in need in Lembah Klang area. Their aim is to help a total of 300 students and requires either donations in the form of used but functional laptops, new laptops or help them raise RM180,000 for 300 laptops. As of right now, #hayatkedua has successfully raised RM1,200 to help 2 students.

You can make your donations to #hayatkedua here.

Let’s help our varsity students today, everyone!


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