4 Types of Scholarships in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 01, 2020, 02:39 pm

Raise your hand if the word scholarship triggers the shivers in you! Don't worry, you're not alone. Scholarships are frightening, it's true, but they could also be your best friend if you're looking for aid to fund your higher education. But how do you even begin your journey of scholarship hunting?

First of all, it's important you know what type of scholarships are available to narrow down your search. In Malaysia, there are four types of scholarship providers (also widely known the benefactors):


1. Government scholarships

Government scholarships are arguably the most popular and the most competitive. They mostly offer both full and partial scholarships for students to study either locally or abroad. In Malaysia, government scholarships usually come with a bond that ties you to the government for a specific number of years upon graduation. In other words, you will need to work with the government once you’ve finished your studies.

For those who are offered scholarships by overseas government, you are expected to return and contribute to your home country in addition to being a goodwill ambassador for the foreign country.

Government scholarships are competitive because of its high qualifications. Applicants must obtain excellent academic results in order to qualify and if they are offered the scholarship, they must complete the studies within the given period all while maintaining a high CGPA. Government scholarships can also be limited to specific fields such as engineering, accounting and law.


2. Institution scholarships

Another type of scholarship are university or college scholarships. This type of scholarship is offered to students who are enrolling in their programmes or are currently studying in the institution. Institution scholarships are often altered to specific courses or are merit-based.

Some institutions tend to collaborate with corporations, government bodies and other organizations to offer scholarships for students. They may have strict procedures and terms when offering scholarships, although some evaluations are done on a case-to-case basis, thus allowing students to negotiate the amount as well as responsibilities. Because of this, you are advised to consult with your institutions' counsellors for more information.

If you managed to get a scholarship from your university or college, expect to maintain good academic results and to participate in extracurricular activities during your time studying there.

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3. Charity and other benevolent organization scholarships

In Malaysia, many charities love to offer scholarships to deserving students. The catch? These students must have an impressive academic record, possessed good morals, is heavily involved in extracurricular activities, and have a passion to serve the community. Basically, an all-rounder!

This type of scholarship is given out by the organizations themselves although others are received as a donation from generous figures. They could also be given out as tributes in memory of an important person who has since passed on.

Scholars may be bonded to the organization once they complete their studies or must simply work within the country.


4. Corporate scholarships

Last but not least are corporate scholarships.

Many corporations in Malaysia have been giving out scholarships as part of their corporate social responsibilities (CSR). For instance, most of you have probably heard about the Petronas scholarship or Shell scholarship, right?

These scholarships are aimed by the corporations to groom future employees and managers. While funding and conditions differ, students are expected to study a course related to the corporation needs. Sometimes, students are also bonded to the corporation upon graduation although it also depends on the corporation themselves.


And there you have it

Four types of scholarships in Malaysia! We hope this article has given you a thorough understanding of the conditions and expectations of each scholarship and we wish you all the best as you scout for the perfect scholarship. Good luck!

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