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Breaking News : JPA Bursary Recipients Can Go Overseas

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 14, 2017, 04:04 pm

The Public Service Department (PSD) has received multiple appeals from Bursary Program students to further their studies at foreign universities.

The Government on July 13, 2017 has agreed to approve these appeals as long as the following are met:

  • Students offered the Bursary KPM Program 2014 (SPM 2013) and 2015 (SPM 2014) only;
  • Students have received an unconditional offer (Unconditional offer) in 2017 to continue their studies abroad and begin studying before or in October 2018; And
  • Students passed the Had Kecemerlangan Akademik requirement Set by the PSD.

Method of Sponsorship

Amount Sponsored

For Category 1: Defined limits are 80%

JPA will be liable for 80%  and the balance of 20% is the responsibility of the student for tuition fees and other allowances.

For Category 2: Defined sponsorship limits are as follows:

Students who have appealed and ARE QUALIFIED are requested to update eprofiling at the official portal of the Bahagian Pambangunan Insan at the link Http://esilav2.jpa.gov.my/ on a date that will be decided upon later.For further inquiries, students may contact the PSD at Email address [email protected]

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