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Courses That Will Waste Your Money and Time During Covid-19

Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 16, 2020, 05:10 pm

Because of the pandemic, higher education institutions have been ordered to carry on with online learning until the end of the year. The fact is, not all courses are suitable for online learning. Some classes are just meant to be conducted through a face-to-face medium to ensure maximum understanding of the material. 


So, if you’re fresh out of school and currently contemplating your choice of courses, we suggest postponing your decision to pursue the following courses on our list. Because, frankly, it will be a waste of your money and time especially in the middle of on-going pandemic.

Check it out:

1. Medical/Nursing

For obvious reasons, medical and nursing courses require hands on approach for students to learn. While the government allows classes that require physical learning to commence as usual, a lot of the lessons will be carried out virtually for first-year students anyway. Students have shared that they’ve been learning through Zoom meetings, online quizzes and took remote exams. This kind of isolation is just not a good environment considering how intense the syllabus can be and how as students, we’ve always depended on social interaction to keep as afloat amidst stressful studying times.

2. Pharmacy

Much like medical and nursing courses, you need to go to the lab to have a conductive lesson. But studying pharmacy is just as stressful with how much information is packed into one busy semester, and we don’t recommend first years to pursue this since, again, everything will be online which will hard for you to adapt to.

3. Engineering

COVID-19 has completely restructured how engineering students are learning. But as trial and errors occur, the overall responses from students have been less than pretty. According to some engineering students, there are just certain aspects of the syllabus that cannot be learned via the screen which makes assignments difficult to complete. Discussions are also not as effective because of the distance imposed. It's undeniable – there’s only so much you can learn without direct consultation.

4. Architecture

Architecture is unfortunately another course that we don’t personally recommend taking – at least until we have a vaccine. University closures have affected student’s ability to produce 3D analogue and physical models, so now students need to adapt to the more traditional hand drawing approach and showcase it during online presentations. But hand drawing can only do so much as architecture students also need digital visualization to get the bigger picture. Another thing, it’s hard to get inspiration for architecture while confined within four walls which might impact student’s project.

5. Aviation

This goes without saying. As we mentioned previously, the aviation industry is kind of going bankrupt at the moment due to travel restrictions but that’s besides the point. Aviation thrives on being one of the most practical courses out there due it’s practical nature. Sure some institutions are allowing pilot students to attend classes and continue flight training, but what about those who wish to be flight attendants? How can online classes teach you that? 

The truth is, the job prospects right now is also slim to none. And like most industries, it will take awhile for aviation to get back up again.

And thus our list ends here. 

This is not meant to discourage you to pursue the courses in the list especially if you have enough confidence and determination to pursue, but it is still something to consider. Regardless, we trust you guys to know what’s best for you! All the best from us!

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