5 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Getting Your SPM Results Tomorrow

March 15, 2017
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Tomorrow is a big day for many of us, but it is a very special day for SPM 2016 leavers who are filled with anxiety and anticipation as they await the results that would impact their future in ways they will soon be able to understand.

It is a big day for parents as they will be in constant state of stress caught between how well did their children perform and the fact that their children will be leaving the home soon and start a new life.

But if you are the one who will be getting the results tomorrow, here are 5 tips to handle the stress and the hype tomorrow’s big announcement:

1. This is not the end of the road

No matter what the results are, this is not the end of the world for you. In fact, this is just the beginning for a new journey. If you fear that you didn’t perform well in your exams, you have a very long road ahead to excel and make a difference in your life and the life of others. It is never too late.

2. Think ahead and be smart about it

A degree is not everything. Without a “good degree”, your life isn’t going to end. There is also no way for to define what a good degree is. Some people are scientists who have studied various branch of science, but they ended up working as teachers, business people and entrepreneurs. A degree is important, but you shouldn’t let it shape your future.

3. The world needs skills + degrees

If you haven’t yet picked up a useful skill, it is time to start now. Here is where you need to get your priorities straightened; do you want a degree without skills or do you want a degree with great skills?

It is an easy guess here. No one wants an empty degree, paper and no skills. Everyone wants to learn in formal and professional settings and want to learn things off class and earn the experiences needed for the real world.

Imagine this, you have a degree in business, but you are a great website programmer and/or app developer. Your options are as limited as you allow them to be.

4. Plans don’t always work

It is good to have a plan, but remember, not every plan will come to fruition or be carried to the end. Sometimes, it is important to change your plans while you still can.

Prepare a plan for your future, but think of the end goal at all times.

5. Become an expert and the money will come

If you think only of the money and forget about how it is made, you will not be able to reach that goal. Think of this, what can I do to become an expert at something that will make me rich? How do I learn it, how to make sure I stay on the right track and keep up with the fast-changing world around me?

Approach the problem critically. You can get money in various ways, which way is best for you?

It has to be legal though. Don’t go off breaking the law to make money. It is not going to last.

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