Why Afterschool?

No. 1 Education Website!

According to Alexa, a web statistics site, we are the number one education site in Malaysia. We reach 1.4 million students and prospective students per annum, as well as serving the needs of 500,000 SPM students every year.

Direct to Students

We distribute 50,000 physical copies of our publications (SPM Revision Guide, Top Careers and Panduan Masuk IPTA) to schools in the Klang Valley. These magazines help students make smarter choices for their futures.

Print Partnership

We are trusted by millions of readers to bring powerful articles to their doorstep every morning as we work hand in hand with The Star in creating content for newspaper supplements.

Grassroots Engagement

We engage directly with education counsellors and local district education officers so that we are on pulse with the education of Malaysia’s future generation. You can view our live updates and progress at our blog.

You Ask, We Answer

We are the only education site in Malaysia that has a Q&A section answered by an actual person. Don’t hesitate to send in your queries as you will be guaranteed a well-thought out and accurate response!

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