Everything You Need to Know About UPU for Lepasan SPM, Lepasan STPM/Setaraf, Lepasan Matrikulasi/Asasi, Lepasan Diploma/Setaraf

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With UPU right around the corner, and questions flooding in regards to that very subject, many students have been blissfully unaware that UPU released a circular, or 'pekeliling' fairly recently. In fact, they released four, one for every category available in UPU. The categories are hugely important, and students are still asking if they can apply with previous year's STPM and Matrikulasi results. There's still confusion for students who apply from private institutions. In line with this, we have labelled each pekeliling with the group of students they apply to, so scroll down, and check which one applies to you. Click on the picture of the circular itself, or the link at the bottom to view it. 

Circular 1: Lepasan SPM

Meant for students with: 

  • SPM 2020 (Category A)
  • SPM 2019 (Category B)
  • SPM 2018 (Category B)

Click here to view the circular for the Lepasan SPM category

Circular 2: Lepasan STPM/Setaraf (Matrikulasi KPM/Asasi Sains UM/Asasi UiTM)

Meant for students with: 

  • Matrikulasi KPM (Category N)
  • Aliran Sains BMKPM/ PASUM/ Asasi UiTM (Category N)
  • Aliran Perakaunan BMKPM (Category P)
  • Aliran Undang-Undang Asasi UiTM (Category U)
  • Aliran Kejuruteraan UiTM (Category K)
  • Aliran TESL Asasi UiTM (Category L) 
  • Aliran Teknikal BMKPM (Category J)

Click here to view the circular for Lepasan STPM/Setaraf (Matrikulasi KPM/Asasi Sains UM/Asasi UiTM)

Circular 3: Lepasan STPM/Setaraf (STPM 2020, STAM 2020, 2019) 

Meant for students with: 

  • STPM Tahun 2020 Aliran Sastera (Category A)
  • STPM Tahun 2020 Aliran Sains (Category S)
  • STAM Tahun 2019 dan 2020 (Category T)

Click here to view the circular for Lepasan STPM/Setaraf (STPM 2020, STAM 2020, 2019)

Circular 4: Lepasan STPM/Setaraf (Diploma/Setaraf) 

Meant for students with: 

  • Diploma DKM/ DLKM/ DVM/ Diploma IPTS (Category E) 
  • A-Level, IBD, Sekolah Sukan, STPM Bukan Tahun Semasa , Matrikulasi KPM Bukan Tahun Semasa & ASASI Bukan Tahun Semasa, STAM Dua Tahun Sebelum Tahun Semasa, AUSMAT/SAM/ADFP, IPTS Foundation  (Category F)
  • Diploma UA, Diploma Politeknik (Category G)

Click here to view the circular for Lepasan STPM/Setaraf (Diploma/Setaraf)

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