How to Check How Much You Will Receive From PTPTN in Two Steps

Published by Afterschool.my on May 06, 2020, 09:16 am

There are a number of things in life which will always remain a mystery to many - why do socks always disappear when you put them in the washing machine? How do some people stuff their faces, yet never seem to put on an ounce of weight? And the big one – how much will a student receive from PTPTN?

PTPTN has become a bastion of hope to budding students nationwide, providing them with an opportunity to gain a tertiary education even if they can’t afford the stipulated tuition. The confusion however, lies in how much a student will receive were they to apply for PTPTN. How much will a student receive if they choose medicine? What about engineering? In actuality, it’s a fairly simple task to determine exactly how much money you will get - mere two steps. Whether you’re in a private or public university, read on so that you may plan ahead for life at university! 

Step One: Determine your PTPTN Category

The first step involves checking what category you fall under, based on your household income. Household income refers to the total combined income of a family living under one roof. For example, if your father earns RM4,000 and your mother earns RM5,000, this would mean your total household income would be RM9,000. Get it? Good, now let’s move on to the categorisations.

  • Category A: Household income >RM8,000 (not in the BR1M list)

Eligible for 50% of PTPTN loan

  • Category B: Household income RM8,000 and BELOW (not in the BR1M list)

Eligible for 75% of PTPTN loan

  • Category C: Either the student or guardian is on the BR1M list

Eligible for 100% PTPTN loan

Step Two: Determine your Course & University

Now that you know your category, you just need to determine what course you’re applying for, and you’ll get the magic number. A student who studies medicine, for example, would receive more per year versus a student studying mass communication. Additionally, if two different students study the same course but one opts to do so at a public and the other at a private university, they’ll receive different amounts. Oh, and PTPTN does cover foundation programmes for select universities as well! Confused? Don’t worry, just have a gander at the table below - the full list and determine how much you’ll receive every year.

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