4 Reasons Why You Failed Your UPU Rayuan & How to Apply for Phase 2

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 23, 2020, 09:36 am

Since you’re reading this article right now, you’re probably wondering “How did I fail my UPU Rayuan application?”

You’re not the only one. UPU is notoriously difficult and failing the application process is a huge bummer. So why did you fail your UPU Rayuan?

Reasons why you failed UPU Rayuan 

  • Limited space/place
  • Lack of vacancies in selected program
  • Great competition between fellow applications
  • The selection for diploma / equivalent is entirely subject to public university

For your information, UPU only handles student application matters but what determines a student’s successful application is completely depending on the particular university, especially for STPM / equivalent graduates.

There is a quota of total places placed by the university for all courses of study according to graduates - STPM, Matriculation, Diploma, Foundation and other graduates.

If you fail in the first application, the opportunity is still open to apply for the PHASE 1 APPEAL. Only 4 courses can be selected based on qualifications and vacancies. For example, if you still fail in the PHASE 1 appeal application, you still have the opportunity to submit the appeal application in PHASE 2.

For PHASE 2, applications will be done automatically. That means you don’t need to apply again. PHASE 2 is ideal for those who still have not receive any offer from UPU and is expected to be released on 19th October. UPU will identify which courses are still taking in enrolment after new students have registered at their respective public universities. Which means, the results for PHASE 2 depends on whether the courses and universities will have vacancies for more students.

Failed in your UPU Application, what must you do?

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