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Tips to Survive Another Covid-19 School Year: For Both Online and Physical Classes

Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 17, 2020, 05:46 pm

2020 has been without a doubt one of the toughest years for everyone, and many of us are anticipating the new year. But with the ongoing pandemic, it’s hard to tell if schools and universities will be opening their doors to students any time soon. Students might have to stick to online classes for the foreseeable future and it’s understandable that not many are happy about this.

Though the prospect of staying in the comfort of your own home and not having to wake up early might be appealing in the beginning, most students have come to realise the difficulties of online learning.

In order to help you prepare for the 2021 academic year, we’ve gathered some student tips for a better online learning experience:

1. Find a comfortable space

If you’re going to be listening to a 2-hour lecture, you might as well get comfy. Having a space where you feel comfortable can help you get in the mood to study. Just like how we’re told to associate the bedroom with sleeping, try associating the area with studying to keep yourself focused.

2. Set daily goals

The hardest thing about having online classes is self-discipline. We all have the voice in our heads that says ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ every day. One thing you can do is set daily goals for yourself.

Make a list of the things you need to complete by the end of the day and check them off once you’re done. Keep the list realistic so that it’s easy to fulfil.

3. Limit distractions

Have a habit of checking your phone every 5 minutes? Put it somewhere across the room! It’s so easy to give in to distractions when you’re studying on your own, but you can control your surroundings. Turn off all your electronic devices, and maybe even your wi-fi if it’s possible, to keep yourself from getting sidetracked.

4. Ask for help


It’s natural to come across obstacles when you’re self-studying, so don’t be shy to ask your tutors for help! You’re not being annoying. In fact, the lack of response from students might be giving them a harder time.

Communicating over emails or videocalls might be a bit tricky, but it’s better than not having any guidance at all. If you still don’t understand, ask them twice or thrice. After all, there’s no limit to how many questions you can have.

5. Communicate with your peers

The biggest problem with remote learning is that it can get extremely lonely. Organizing group videocall study sessions with your friends or posting your questions in the online student forum are some ways you can connect with your peers during this difficult time. These alternatives to meeting in person, which isn’t quite possible right now, can make the learning process more interactive and fun.

On the other hand, if the situation improves and everyone is allowed to go back to school, it might be hard for some to suddenly flip the switch.

Here are some tips to help you transition back into in person classes:

1. Maintain a healthy sleeping schedule

Not having to go to classes in person means that you can stay up and binge-watch YouTube videos all night. Your sleeping schedule might be a total mess right now. How are you going to fix that if things go back normal?

The answer is, fix it now. You’ll thank yourself for abiding by the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ principle when school opens up again.


2. Expect and adapt to new changes

Things will likely be different when you go back to school. Whether it be attending on alternate days or reduced class sizes, get ready to experience some adjustments in the way school will be structured from thereon. Make sure you know exactly what those changes are by asking your teachers or contacting the school administrators to mentally prepare yourself.

3. Protect yourself

Just because school has resumed doesn’t mean Covid-19 is completely over. Always wear your mask, bring hand sanitiser, wash your hands, and keep a safe distance from others wherever you go. Stay home if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who was infected. Remember that you have a duty to protect yourself and your schoolmates by strictly following SOP.


At the end of the day, keep that positive attitude and you’ll do great regardless of the method of teaching. We wish you the best of luck in the new school year!

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