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Fancy Earning a Side Income by Whipping Up Some Sweet Desserts?

Published by on Sep 18, 2017, 03:39 am

When you think about pastries, what first comes to your mind? Breads, cakes, cookies, tarts. That is probably about it. But for the students at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, pastries mean so much more. We are pretty sure not many have heard of Bonbons, Entremet, Petit Gâteau orViennoiserie. The name probably shows that they are only available in France but our recent discovery at a deceptively ordinary building in Petaling Jaya proved otherwise. It turns out, the dedicated chefs have been tirelessly educating their students to bake all these world-class gastronomic pastries since 2010. From flaky and fluffy to melt-in-your-mouth tantalising delicacies, you name ‘em, they bake ‘em (like the sugar display below)!

Have you ever wondered how you can make a side income just by making pastries? With the number of courses available such as part time, full time, intensive and even masterclass, there is always an opportunity for you to learn the art of pastry and bakery to earn some extra cash. Don’t have the time to learn? You only need 24 days to master your baking skills. There is no need to analyse the market for a good job demand in this field because where you have hungry people, that is where there is an ample demand for food….and yummy pastries! What we are saying is, you will never go wrong if you have a skill in baking.

And that is where the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia steps in. But what makes them so different from the rest? It all began with a humble chef who decided to make a change. Chef Niklesh Sharma, a former executive pastry chef at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, realised that the standard of pastry education in Malaysia was producing students who were not equipped for the industry despite his many years of travels, training and teaching. He worked tirelessly for 10 months, analysing pastry school programmes to create the initial nine-month programme modelled after the professional schools in Switzerland and France. His dedication to ensure Malaysian graduates are on top of the game goes way beyond just advising students. He took the initiative to open up his own premier professional institution where students can be trained like apprentices.

Today, they have produced young chefs who are not only sought after in the industry, but have also won or placed at some of the most prestigious international competitions. A part-time course in the academy would train you to be kitchen ready in just 24 days! Even if you do not intend to be a pastry chef one day, you could just bake in the comfort of your own home and sell them. Still not sure to take up the course? We have got good news for you. The academy is offering a free trial class on December 16, 2017 that happens simultaneously with the Academy Pastry Festival Malaysia 2017. Studying a course on Patisserie and Gastronomic cuisine may sound fancy. And yes, you are right! But before you jump right in, you might want to check out what this course entails. Click here ( to find out more.

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