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KADS1M Card Holders Will Receive Cash Rebates When They Fill Petrol

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 24, 2017, 04:53 pm

Earlier today, we informed you about how KADS1M holders were eligible to receive discounts of up to RM400 when purchasing laptops or accessories from Thunder Match Technology. Well apparently, that was only the beginning as it has also been announced that KADS1M Debit-i holders can now enjoy a 2% cash rebate for every fuel transaction, applicable at all petrol stations in Malaysia. How will you receive the rebate? Well, the 2% will automatically be credited into your Savings-i account. So the next time you fill up at a petrol kiosk, you'll actually be putting money away into your savings account! 

UPDATE: How It Works

After spending close to an hour on hold, we are glad to announce that we finally can confirm how students can now enjoy the 2% rebate. The Bank Rakyat executive has informed us that all you would need to do is swipe your card before beginning to fill your petrol, as you would a normal debit/credit card. Then proceed to fill your tank and start receiving those rebates, which will automatically be credited into your Savings-i Account. However, please do note that  similar to a normal debit card, it will deduct the amount you fill from your account, so ensure you have enough money in there to begin with. Happy savings to all!

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