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When Can You Collect Your KADS1M?

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 29, 2017, 02:01 pm

With the recent announcement that around 570,000 KADS1M cards are ready for collection, many students have been posing the same questions on social media threads in regards to the card, confused as to whether or not their cards are indeed ready. The best way to check is of course via the new online checking system, but even while using that, students aren't quite sure what message they're supposed to receive that would indicate that they can head to Bank Rakyat and pick up their brand spanking new cards. Well, the picture below is exactly what you should see (With your name and the branch in the blanks filled up, of course):

Once you see the screen above, this would indicate that your application is now approved. However, don't run to Bank Rakyat just yet, because approved doesn't mean that it is ready for collection. In actual fact, upon viewing a similar result when you check on your application as the picture above, you must wait for them to send you an e-mail which will notify you that it is ready for collection, and only then can you head on over to the listed branch of Bank Rakyat

So to summarize, you can only collect your KADS1M after you :

  1. Check your application status online, until it is approved like the picture above
  2. Wait for an e-mail from Bank Rakyat to tell you when it is ready

Click here  to view the link to the online checking system

Click here to view the KADS1M Guide (How to Apply)

Click here  to view the full list of KADS1M Discounts

Click here if you DID NOT use Mozilla Firefox to apply for KADS1M


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