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Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 31, 2023, 04:33 pm

Deciding which university to enrol in can be overwhelming, especially without a clear picture of what your university life would be like. You might browse websites and fall deep into a rabbit hole of information or read through brochures, but it can be hard to gain a real sense of what it's going to be like as a student at a particular university. 

How do you determine if a university offers “the complete university experience”? And by that, we mean it fulfils every aspect: the ideal environment for your academic growth, self-expression, vibrant student life, and overall convenience as a student. 

That's why we're taking you on a tour of UCSI University, one of Malaysia's leading private universities to give you a direct insight. Why UCSI University? That’s because the institution is known for being one of the best private universities in Malaysia renowned for its exceptional education, dynamic student life, and unparalleled convenience.

Achieving Excellence: UCSI University's Holistic Education Approach

Academic excellence serves as the cornerstone in choosing the ideal university, and UCSI University stands out as a shining example. According to the prestigious QS World University Rankings 2024, UCSI ranks among the top 1% globally and holds the distinction of being Malaysia's leading private university. Recognised at the 2022 QS EduData Summit in New York with the QS Recognition for Improvement Award, UCSI's commitment to continuous progress is evident.

With a holistic approach to education and cutting-edge facilities, UCSI fosters an environment that nurtures academic growth while offering immersive hands-on learning experiences. Among their exceptional faculties, the Institute of Music shines brightly, holding the coveted position of #1 in Malaysia and #21 globally. Renowned as one of Asia's finest music schools maintaining its rankings as the leading music course in Malaysia, UCSI's Institute of Music collaborates with top musicians, music schools, and conservatories worldwide.

Step inside the music faculty, and you'll immediately understand how it established its ranks. Within the well-equipped practice rooms and under the guidance of skilled instructors, students are encouraged to unleash their artistic prowess, allowing their true artistry to flourish. The music hallway comes alive with sounds of contemporary and classical music, echoing the hall with enchanting notes. As a UCSI music student, you'll have the privilege of experiencing extraordinary performances, final exams, and even donation concerts in their expansive and acoustically refined music hall, equipped with cutting-edge surround sound and a meticulously designed interior.

Beyond music, UCSI's reputation for excellence extends to its Hospitality and Tourism Management faculty. What sets this faculty apart is its very own Le Quadri Hotel, making it a truly immersive learning experience. Hospitality students enjoy work-based learning in an environment that blends adventure with industrial standards. From culinary labs especially for their culinary programme to workshops, UCSI's hotel provides a platform for students to learn and excel.

As a testament to their industry connections, UCSI offers a dual degree program with HTMi Switzerland, offering students boundless opportunities for industrial exposure. Their collaboration with industrial partners and immersive curriculum structure place them among the top in Malaysia for hospitality management courses. Architecture and engineering students also benefit, as workshops and practical classes find their place on the hotel's fourth floor.

Curious to know what the hotel looks like? check out the video below:

Through its 3 times internship structure, UCSI University further enriches students' practical knowledge, ensuring they are well-prepared to smoothly transition into the workforce. 

Check out UCSI University's extensive line of courses.

Complete Amenities with Unmatched Convenience

Academics aside; how can you be sure that your student life will be enjoyable, if you’re spending most of your time on campus?

At UCSI University, you will immerse yourself in a well-rounded experience, with a plethora of amenities catering to your overall well-being and convenience.

Housing options abound, catering to diverse preferences. Choose from on-campus residences at Block D or revel in the privacy and hotel-esque ambience at the Le Quadri Hotel (Block E), where single rooms with personal toilets await. For those seeking a premier living experience, UCSI Residence 2, a condominium just a short stroll away, offers a glamorous lifestyle with a karaoke room, lavish mini theatre, and a clubhouse complete with a swimming pool and gym.

Exploring accommodations beyond campus? Discover various nearby apartments within walking distance, such as Riana South, just in front of Le Quadri Hotel, and the Angkasa Condo, to name a few.

Need a quiet study spot or a place to collaborate on assignments? Fear not—the library boasts a sprawling 5-story expanse, ensuring ample space for productive sessions.

When it comes to food, UCSI University has you covered thoroughly. Each building houses cafes and food joints, catering to your daily hunger. Whether grabbing a quick bite between classes, savouring shaved ice on a scorching day, or indulging in a hearty meal to kickstart the day, your appetite will find satisfaction. And as you traverse from one building to another, you'll spot multiple vending machines along the way.

Financial transactions are made easy with an on-campus ATM at the Student Centre, while KK Mart and Hop-In, two convenient stores, offer printing, stationeries, and everyday essentials so you'll never run out of necessities.

Take a tour of the amenities provided by the campus in this short clip:

Concerned about connectivity? Rest assured—the campus boasts seamless wireless access, harnessing cutting-edge technology to access e-learning and e-resources.

For sports enthusiasts, UCSI University's sporting facilities are second to none. Basketball, badminton, and squash courts, a gymnasium, a football field, and a swimming pool await, ensuring your mental and physical health remains in top form.

Experience Student Enrichment and a Vibrant Campus Life

To create cherished memories of your university experience, you must forge lifelong connections. What truly leaves a lasting impression? It's not just the scenic spots or the topics you've learned in class—it's the people; the bonds you form, the shared laughter in hallways, and the foundation of lifelong friendships. Engaging with inspiring individuals, each with unique aspirations, can propel you to unleash your full potential.

At UCSI University, one of the top private universities in Malaysia, you will step into a new chapter of life, surrounded by an incredibly diverse community. Over 12,000 students have found their place here, with 30 to 40% of them hailing from across the globe, representing a rich tapestry of ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds.

"At UCSI, students are free to do anything they want, and people are very accepting," echoes Kylie, from Foundation in Arts programme.

Find out what the students have to say about their campus life at UCSI:

Nurturing personal growth extends beyond academics, as students are required to collect 100 points under their programmes, through participating in co-curricular activities. This system encourages students to come out of their comfort zones and explore their interests.

The campus buzzes with activity—weekly booths from clubs and societies, environmental weeks, exhibitions, conferences, free workshops, competitions, music events, and prom nights—all ensure students are entertained, enriched, and connected.

Outside of classes, boredom is but a distant thought. UCSI's campus rests within a bustling neighbourhood, mere steps from a plethora of amenities. Convenience stores, Starbucks, Watsons, and a variety of eateries beckon, creating a vibrant campus lifestyle from dusk till the leisure hours of the night.

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University life is an enriching phase of change and growth. Beyond academic concepts, students hone social skills, independence, and self-discovery. To that end, an ideal university balances robust academics with vibrant campus life.

Without a doubt, it's not a surprise why UCSI University is categorised as a top ranking private university in Asia. UCSI University stands as the perfect choice, delivering unparalleled convenience, exceptional academics, and vibrant campus life. With a complete balance that checks all the boxes, this institution offers the ultimate university experience at every cornerstone, fulfilling every aspect of students' checklists. Embrace the enriching journey at UCSI University, where academic excellence and a vibrant community converge for a truly memorable and rewarding university adventure.

If you're interested to enroll in UCSI University or have any enquiries related to their programmes, contact our education counsellors for direct assistance. We'll help you with your application, and ensure a smooth transition! Click on the banner below:

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