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Polytechnic's diploma graduates can pursue degree courses at Curtin University, Sarawak

Published by on Jan 22, 2015, 10:51 am

Diploma graduates from Polytechnic Mukah Sarawak (PMU) can now pursue their studies at degree level at Curtin University, Sarawak. PMU, located in Mukah in Sarawak's central region, is Malaysia's 20th polytechnic.handshakeThis opportunity was made possible by a five-year collaboration between PMU and Curtin. In a statement, PMU said a note of understanding was signed today between PMU director Abdubrani Yunus and Curtin University, Sarawak pro vice-chancellor Prof. Jim Mienczakowski.

The NoU outlines the requirements for students of PMU who have completed their diplomas to enrol in Curtin's Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) or Bachelor of Technology programmes, and the Recognised Prior Learning (or Advanced Standing) they will receive.

Under the NoU, PMU's diploma graduates will be given up to a maximum of 225 credits and other favourable terms for pursuing the courses at Curtin.

PMU accepted the first student intake during the July 2005 session with pilot courses such as certificate courses in Information Technology, Civil Engineering, and Business Studies, followed by diploma level courses the subsequent year.

Lauded by the Malaysian Qualification Agency as one of Malaysia's best engineering schools, Curtin University Sarawak is a foreign branch campus that offers students an international and cross-cultural learning environment in a unique local setting. To date, its electrical, computer and chemical engineering graduates and students have won in local and international events such as the 2014 IEEE Larry K. Wilson Award and National Chemical Engineering Symposium (NACES) 2014.


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