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5 ways to handle unsatisfactory SPM results

Published by on Mar 04, 2020, 04:20 pm

Not satisfied with your SPM results? Worried about your future and the difficulty to apply to universities with weak SPM results? presents 5 ways to deal with this situation.

1. Don't panic, there's more to life after SPM.

Previously there had been news whereby students commit suicide for getting unsatisfactory results for SPM. Clearly committing suicide is not the solution. On the contrary, the weak results that you obtain might spark some motivation for you to study even harder.

Bear in mind that learning does not stop at the age of 17, as learning is a life long process.

Never end your life just because you do not manage to score SPM. There are many other options that you can do to continue succeeding in life.

2. Consider to retake SPM

There are several ways to retake SPM. 

The registration for both June and November SPM paper starts in March. Remember, they are only open from March 1 to March 31. Therefore, if you are planning to retake SPM, you could do an early preparation so that you could pass with flying colours.

You can get the full guide for SPM Retake right here: 

Langkah Permohonan Menduduki Semula SPM Ulangan untuk Semua Subjek

3. Identify your strongest subjects

Once you have identified your strongest subjects, you can search for courses that suit your interest, passion and the particular subjects that you are good at.

Then you can do some reading on which university or institution that offers those courses.

4. Consider taking technical courses

There are several technical courses such as vocational college, polytechnics or technique colleges that do not require excellent SPM results. These technical courses focus more on technical skills like mechanical, welding skills, and lab techs.

Therefore, you can maximize your strength by focusing on vocational fields that suit your ability and passion.

5. Start working

If you need time to decide your pathway after SPM, or you do not have enough financial support to continue your higher education, you can do a part time job. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to gain experience, earn some extra pocket money and contribute to your family's income.

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