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Which Courses have a High Employment Status?

Published by on Jan 15, 2020, 12:14 pm

Choosing the right course is important as it determines your employment status after you graduate from your degree. Many students in Malaysia will take the courses that are commonly chosen to ensure that they have a place in society. Now, to know which courses have a high employment status and which courses you should take the ensure a position in the workplace, do have a look at the higher education statistics published by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia in 2018.

According to the Ministry of Education, the top 3 courses that have a high employment status include,

  1. Social Science, Business and Law : Out of the 94,702 individuals, 55,853 of them employed (59%)
  2. Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction : Out of the 83,340 individuals, 51,797 of them employed (62.2%)
  3. Science, Mathematics and Computing : Out of the 33,082 individuals, 17,626 of them are employed (53.3%)

The courses listed above have a high employment status in Malaysia due to its high demand in employment and also, because of the student’s interests and passion in these fields of study. Due to the students passion, more than half of the 500+ universities available in Malaysia offer these courses knowing it will attract and drive students to study with the institution regardless of location, fees, and ranking. The top 3 courses will remain with statistics showing they have the highest employment rates because of the students dreams and goals for their life for years to come.

Within the list provided, the course with the least amount of people employed would be the Agriculture and Veterinary field, with only 3,122 individuals employed. The reason why there are not as many individuals employed in this particular field is because veterinary courses are rarely offered in Malaysia and if they are, they are offered to students planning to pursue their Doctor’s degree (PhD). As for the agricultural field, the graduates will mostly work under or along with the government, as private sectors are rare, which is a tough process to complete and pass. Because of this, 6,023 individuals in the field of Agriculture and Veterinary, 23.9 percent of the graduates are unemployed. So if you do plan on studying in this field, do keep in mind that find jobs here is troublesome and most students will choose to study abroad to achieve their dreams.

Now, while the public universities in the country will offer all the courses regardless of whether it’s commonly taken or not high in demand however, students must understand that a lot of private universities do not work the same way. Most of the private universities will not offer a course that is not high in demand as it will bring down the ranking of the institution and affect its ability to work and perform well. This is why certain jobs are not high in demand or offered in Malaysia. If you want to know more, do have a look at the Malaysian Qualification Agency as they will show which courses are the most demanded based on the number of universities providing it within the country.

Click here to see a guide on how to find courses available though the Malaysian Qualification Agency!

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