How to Check If Your Course is Accredited by MQA?

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 11, 2021, 03:24 am

Before you go and register for the course of your dreams, bear in mind whether it is accredited by the MQA. It matters a lot for your future, especially if you want to pursue your studies further or whether you want to apply for a job. 

What is MQA?

 Malaysia Qualifications Agency MQA

The MQA is important to ensure Malaysia’s higher education system is up to par with global standards

The Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA) is an official body that is governed by the Ministry of Higher Education and is the only body that controls universities’ accreditation status, regulate curriculum and set operational standards for both public and private universities and other higher learning institutions in Malaysia. MQA also accredit individual courses and programmes at each university. MQA’s operation is important because it works to ensure that higher learning in the country is up to global standards and is fit for the future of the nation.

Why should you be concerned about university and course accreditation?


It is important to check whether your course is accredited by the MQA because it may affect your plans to pursue your postgraduate studies or applying for a job

When a course is accredited by the MQA, it means that the government of Malaysia and education authorities recognise the validity of the course. Now, what does it actually means to study a valid course? It will affect your plans to further study. When the time comes and you want to study your masters, if your degree is not MQA accredited, you will not be able to do that.

In cases such as engineering and practical programmes, your potential employer will look at the course accreditation to ensure that you know the operational standards, regulations and basic laws of your field. If you study engineering and want to join the board of engineers, the validity of your course is very important. This means that the course falls under the ethical, operational, and legal standards set by the government.

How do you find out if your course is accredited?

1. Visit Malaysian Qualifications Register website

MQA Register

The link above will redirect you to the Malaysian Qualifications Register page in MQA’s official website

2. Select the type of institution you plan to study at OR the institution you’re currently studying at


Select either private or public institutions

3. Search for your university by name or part of the name


Type the name correctly, otherwise, the search results might be NULL or not the related institution.

4. Click on search and see the results

Registered Qualifications on MQA

All qualifications registered in MQR are subjected to a monitoring process by MQA from time to time

5. Click Details to see a list of all MQA accredited courses of the institution you have searched for

MQA accredited courses

Check the date of accreditation of your course and how long has it been accredited. 

Follow the above process to Check MQA Accredited List.

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