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10 of the Most In Demand IT Jobs in Malaysia and Overseas

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 27, 2020, 11:08 am

Almost every individual know is aware of the demand for IT related jobs. Both locally and abroad, the IT industry continues to go from strength to strength, with no refractory period in sight. However, this incredible and unrelenting boom has seen a new problem arise—the creation of an array of new positions and jobs in this brave new world. While this may not seem like an issue on the surface, dip your toes in and you’ll find that with so many jobs available, it can become confusing as to which ones are verily in demand. As such, here are the 10 most in-demand IT related jobs, ones that will attract options whether you intend to remain in the country, or set up shop abroad. (Source: ITbusinessedge.com)

1. Data scientist

A data scientist is someone who uses scientific methods and formulae to derive vital information from the swathes of data, extricating leads, insights, and more. If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is, and has been compared to data mining. One thing is for sure though, for those determined enough to pull it off, the reward is ample opportunities and options being at your disposal upon graduation.

2. Entry-level engineer

As the old mantra goes, ‘old is gold’. While new jobs sprout up all over the world, with terms very few understand and a job scope even fewer can comprehend, a tried and trusted entry-level engineer makes this list because the demand for engineers is something that never seems to dwindle with the times.

3. UX designer

A User experience design, or UX designer as it’s snappily termed, are unheralded lynchpins of the IT world. Primarily in charge of the user experience of any given website, portal or service, gauging what works and doesn’t, and tweaking it to enhance the usability and accessibility of the service provided so that the user base they amassed would not only be sustained, but expanded as well.

4. Quality assurance manager

While other positions on this list may seem foreign to some, a quality assurance manager is assuredly familiar territory. Whatever axis the technology driven era decides to spin on, there will always be a need for individuals to maintain and improve the quality of its creations.

5. Analytics manager

As we shift from an era defined by print media to one that favours the digital genus, one of the top IT related jobs is that of an analytics manager. These people do profusely more than just analyse, as the job description involves digger deeper into the data to see what garners views and what does not, helping the company you work for shape their future direction, and what products and/or services to mass market.

6. Salesforce developer

Not, this has nothing to do with sales, not directly at least. See, Salesforce is actually a software, one that assists people in finding solutions via the cloud (Not that cloud!). You don’t necessarily have to work for Salesforce, but rather, the companies that use this software, which are quickly growing in numbers. You’ll also have to integrate a variety of applications and software with Salesforce, so that all these tech marvels can communicate seamlessly with one another.

7. Security analyst

As technology advances further and further, the security we face online grows riskier and riskier. With data breaches, cloud hacks and online banking scams now nothing but a norm, cybersecurity is by and large one of the most in demand fields a company, big or small, will look to fill with some incredibly competent. A security analyst not only does everything possible to detect any threats before they materialise, they sometimes are tasked with training other up and coming security personnel.

8. Systems Engineer

Finally, something familiar! To those of you who know not what systems engineers do, just imagine a popular product that everyone uses, like an iPhone. Now, picture the entire process that goes into making one of those overpriced yet insatiably desirable rectangles of pleasure. Got it? Good. A systems engineer is in charge of ensuring every single system in that chain works seamlessly,  

9. Solutions architect

Yes, another as of yet, unheard of profession locally. Make no mistake though, the future of solutions architects shines intensely bright. What do they do? As their profession suggests, they are involved in mapping out solutions. But unlike traditional architects, their solutions involve morphing suggestions and answers from data minded people into working solutions. Instead of sketching papers, you’ll have chipsets. Instead of a pencil, you’ll have technology.

10. Machine learning engineer

Subdisciplines in engineering continue to exponentially expand in the footsteps of technology, with previously alien branches such as ‘mechatronic engineering’ now one of the most in demand fields worldwide. One of the newest up and comers is machine learning engineer. Heavily influenced by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), you’ll work on software that runs autonomously, or with as little human supervision as well, humanly possible!

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