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How to Land A Job In The World's Top Leading Tech Companies?

Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 03, 2020, 10:55 am

Don’t be fooled by the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg – while they may have been college dropouts, these tech wizards’ success is a rare one. If you really want to work for the biggest tech companies in the world, here’s a few things you need to know:

Never settle with a just an undergraduate degree

Education plays a huge role in landing jobs at companies like Facebook and Twitter which is why getting the highest level of education will give you an edge against other competitors. Tech companies value highly-educated employers so much that, according to a 2017 research, more than 20% of their employees are Master’s degree graduates.

In fact, almost 30% of software engineers in Google San Francisco branch graduated with a PhD degree.

But why such priority is given to the level of education? It’s simple. Employers these days are more adopted to define roles that are more appropriate for higher level of education, e.g. MSc or PhD.

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Be smart with your course choice

Don’t just be a Master or PhD graduate in any field. If you really want to land a job with these companies, you need to an expert in the following fields and skills:

If you are planning to land on your dream tech job, expanding your skills is the only certain way.  The competition is tough out there in the real world.

As technology is always evolving, you have to be aware of the latest skills and find ways to expose yourself to them to be able to succeed in the tech industry.


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