Mat Luthfi: a Malaysian millennial role model

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Many fans of the boyish looking Malaysian YouTube star enthuse about Mat Luthfi's ability to seamlessly weave wisdom and humour.

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Born in Kedah as Muhammad Luthfi Bin Rohime, the 25 year old has produced many video blogs with issues that mostly revolves on issues faced by youths such as experience in a student council, part-time teaching jobs and possible scenarios after receiving your SPM result.

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Humour is a skill of the intelligent, which is why it is no wonder that Mat Lutfhi was chosen to receive a scholarship to study overseas by the Malaysian government due to his excellent SPM results in 2008.

(He scored eleven 1A and one 2A by the way.)

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Aside from his numerous awards (Shout Aloud Award 2012 and 2013, Most Popular Youtube Act by Berita Harian 2013), Mat Luthfi's other notable accolade was acting alongside the Minister of Youth and Sports, Khairy Jamaluddin in a short clip detailing the experience of a job seeker (reaching half a million viewers!).

The funny man also has now published a book of humorous anecdotes that he promises to be entertaining for those who enjoys reading other people's diaries.

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The fan of the local band Hujan pursued a degree in Architecture at Curtin University in Perth, Australia and has since graduated and is now pursuing a Master's degree.

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Typical of a social media savvy millennial, he even made a video of his graduation which equally garnered a lot of hits:

His younger brother Lah seems to be keen in following in Mat Luthfi's footsteps while carving his own path for success as he pursues his ambition to becoming a doctor at the Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt.

Mat Luthfi's other videos and writings can be found here:





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