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Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 30, 2017, 12:06 pm

Just as you finish your last SPM paper and start to experience a new sense of freedom and liberation, your parents are quick to remind you of your next responsibility – to identify your dream profession and start researching on the necessary university programmes that will help you fulfil that dream. The deeper you dig into the possible careers and necessary qualifications, you soon realise the task becomes all the more challenging as there are countless colleges and universities offering similar courses. What are the differences between these courses and how do you choose between one institution and the next?

Among the biggest criterion for most school-leavers is to have a degree that is internationally recognised, one that will allow them to also find career opportunities abroad. A common choice is thus to complete a foreign degree programme, be it in a partnering local higher learning institution or a foreign branch campus, as these options enable students to experience the best of both worlds – living relatively close to home and in familiar surroundings (thus cheaper accommodation and tuition) while also gaining top-class education.

In a foreign degree programme, students in Malaysia will have access to the same degree qualifications, study experience, resources, student support mechanisms and in most instances, the same classroom assessments and written final examinations as do students at the main campus. The range of study material can include anything from textbooks to lecture slides, online journal references and recordings or live viewings of lectures conducted at the main campus via an online student portal.

These resources thus provide local students with all the tools necessary to produce grades that are on par with their international counterparts. Students can rest assured knowing each programme is recognised by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and quality is maintained by the parent university itself. It is common for parent universities to send representatives who will assess the local institution’s facilities and the management of its courses. Visiting lecturers may also take over a few lecture and tutorial sessions within a semester to better understand the standards of Malaysian students and to identify any aspects of course delivery that needs to be changed or improved.

One of the biggest advantages for students in a foreign degree programme or branch campus is international exposure, both socially and academically. With education listed as a National Key Economic Area, improvements and greater standards are thus constantly implemented. As a result, Malaysia is slowly becoming an education hub that attracts many foreign students.

Malaysian students will meet students of various backgrounds throughout the course of the degree and will learn about cultures, trends and societal norms from their newfound friends. Students studying in Malaysia are also in the best position to receive academic input from both local and international perspectives. Besides specific course units that have an international or cross border focus, the syllabus for each degree programme is usually based on the home country, whereby the topics of discussion may use a variety of examples and situations that are more relatable to students at the main campus.

Students studying locally, however, will not only gain an understanding of these international events but will also have their local lecturers presenting the same concepts and theories in a Malaysian setting. Students will therefore have a better grasp of how a single concept can have similar or different effects on various market groups and cultures. There are currently nine foreign branch campuses across Selangor, Johor and Sarawak while countless higher education institutions partner international universities to deliver foreign degrees:


Monash University

The branch campus of Monash University in Malaysia offers the exact programs offered on the Australian campus with the same education quality.

Location : The campus is at the heart of Kuala Lumpur and surrounded by some of the largest metropolitan areas in Malaysia.

Are postgraduate studies offered? : Yes

(View the courses offered at Monash University, Malaysia Campus)


Curtin University

This institution is one of the top ranked institutions in Australia and has a branch campus in Malaysia that is famous for engineering and business education.

Location : Located in East Malaysia in the state of Sarawak, in the outskirts of the city of Miri.

Are postgraduate studies offered? : Yes

(View the courses offered at Curtin University, Malaysia Campus)


Swinburne University of Technology

As the name indicates, this highly acclaimed Australian institution is well known for their Science, Engineering, Technology,  and Business. The quality of their education is recognized worldwide and the university is engaged with the global world of Academia.

Location : Located in the State of Sarawak as well, at the heart of the city of Kuching.

Are postgraduate studies offered? : Yes

(View the courses offered at Swinburne University of Technology, Malaysia Campus)


Newcastle University

The university offers medical degrees in Malaysia in two parts. Studying the first 2 years in Malaysia is part one and move on to complete the remaining years of the medical degree program in the UK for the second part.

Location : Located in [email protected] in the state of Johor, an entire city dedicated for higher education.

Are postgraduate studies offered? : Yes

(View the courses offered at NuMED – Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia)


University of Nottingham

One of the UK top universities, the university of Nottingham offers over 40 undergraduate courses and a range of postgraduate programs in various fields.

Location : The university is located in Semenyih, in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur surrounded by beautiful natural reserves, lakes and very close to one of the major metropolitan areas in Malaysia.

Are postgraduate studies offered? : Yes

(View all courses offered at the university of Nottingham)


University of Southampton

One of the leading universities in the field of engineering in the UK, this university has brought their expertise to Malaysia by offering a very niche experience and education skills.

Location : Located in [email protected] in Johor.

Are postgraduate studies offered? : Yes

(View all courses offered at the university of Southampton)


University of Reading

A world renowned institution in the fields of finance, business, management and other fields. The university’s branch in Malaysia has attracted over 5000 students from all over the world.

Location : Located in [email protected] in Johor.

Are postgraduate studies offered? : Yes

(View all courses offered at the university of Reading)


Heriot-Watt University

Ranked at 13th best institution in the UK and 2nd in Scotland, this institution offers courses in the fields of engineering, business and management among other fields.

Location : Located at the center of the beautiful city of Putrajaya, surrounded by an ample of facilities the best public transportation system in the country.

Are postgraduate studies offered? : Yes

(View all courses offered at HWU)


Xiamen University

The first branch campus of a major Chinese university in Malaysia. Xiamen University is ranked among the top 20 institutions in China now offers their programs in Malaysia and welcomes international and local students.

Location : Located in Sepang, just 20 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and it is just 1 km away from a major public transportation facility.

Are postgraduate studies offered? : Yes

(View all courses offered at the XMU)


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