Common Mistakes Made by Applicants During Public University Second Intake Application

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 07, 2021, 10:02 am

The second intake application is a second opportunity for applicants who previously failed in the  UPU online application or did not get  to apply because they have not obtained their result, be it their diploma results or MUET results 

Unfortunately, most applicants waste this opportunity due to different reasons. Through this article, we share with you the mistakes that are often made by applicants and MUST BE AVOIDED if you want to succeed in the application.

Does not meet the general and special requirements of the program of study placed by the university

If you know that you do not meet the eligibility requirements, don't apply just so you could try your luck. The university will proceed to reject the application without consideration. The conditions set are mandatory because if you do not meet the eligibility requirement,  it will be difficult for you to cope with the particular study in the program. 

Low merit marks

Low merit marks are also a cause of failure in applications. You are not the only one who applies for a second intake. So, if you have the qualifications and fulfill the conditions placed but with the lowest merit marks compared to the other applicants,  those with higher merit marks stand a better chance at securing a seat in the program of study. 

Apply to top universities that are popular for its great reputation

Some of the universities that open a second intake application include UPSI, UiTM and UM. The competition to secure a seat is very intense on top of the limited quota at public universities

So, it is best to apply to a university that is less popular but in a program of study that has job potential. By doing so, you stand a better chance at succeeding the application. 

Apply to popular study programs that are highly competitive

This is also one of the reasons for failing in the application. You have to make sure that the study program is not very popular but still has job potential. Another option would be to apply for the study program at a less popular university but make sure that the program is accredited by MQA

Incomplete information on application form 

Mistakes that are considered trivial but often made by applicants. Make sure you fill in the application information and don't forget to click save. Check thoroughly before submitting the application. if there are information missing, the system will reject the application or simply cancel your application


Finally, plan the right strategy before applying for the second intake. Read the tips shared, and make sure you have selected the right study program and university. We are confident you will succeed in the application. All the best! 

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