SPM/Equivalent and STPM/Equivalent Leavers Fail in UPU Online Application Due to Limited Quota at Public Universities

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 17, 2021, 02:38 am

The main reason why many applicants failed in their UPU online application despite meeting the eligibility requirements set by the university is due to the quota system. Thousands of applicants have been denied admission to public universities due to the low number of seats available. The government has to enforce the quota system to control the number of graduates in every field. As a result, if you want to get into a highly sought-after course like medicine or engineering, you must be among the best.

SPM/STPM Equivalent Leavers

For your information, SPM/Equivalent applicants are divided into 2 categories, namely category A and Category B.  Likewise, STPM/Equivalent applicants are also divided into several categories, namely Category A,S, N, P, U, L, K, J, etc. as shown in the image below. 


For more information on STPM/Equivalent Categories, visit the official UPU website. 

So, this is the reason why there has to be a certain quota set by each university according to the category for all study programs offered. UPU online only handles the student application system to public universities but at the end of the day, students’ success in the application is entirely subject to the decision of the university senate.

Apart from the limited quota, there are also several other reasons why applicants may fail in the UPU online application. Refer to the image below:

Berjaya vs Gagal

Don't worry if you don't pass the UPU ONLINE application as you can still appeal via the UPU ONLINE appeal application. Based on your qualifications, you will be allowed to choose 4 study program options. However, whether your application is successful or not depends on the empty seats available. If you still fail in the appeal application, we advise you to consider the different options available. Here are 5 different ways you can still further your higher education studies


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