6 Most Haunted Schools in Malaysia

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If you have ever felt skeptical about the existence of ghosts and evil spirits, you are not alone. As we grow older and maturity hits us, it is harder for us to believe in supernatural or paranormal presence especially when we have never really experienced it for ourselves.

However, this time around, we have decided to gather interesting stories revolving around schools that are haunted in Malaysia. Who doesn’t love a good old scary story?

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Almost every school has its legacy of horror stories. We have heard of various quirky and even comical tales, from the “makcik” who sells nasi lemak from door to door at 3am in the dorm to the classic headless spirit who goes wandering around the school.

So, lets get into it!

1. Penang Free School

Penang Free School is a school founded in 1816 by Sparke Hutching. It is the oldest school in Malaysia. In fact, it is the oldest school in Southeast Asia! There is not one, but countless horror stories which surfaced throughout these years. One of the popular stories would be the principal whose head was chopped by the Japanese Military. Some students claim to have seen him roaming around the school. Another popular story would be about the screaming of a woman, who is apparently the spirit of a tormented prisoner during the Japanese colonialism.  

2. St. Michael’s Institution

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This school is located in Ipoh and has quite the reputation for being haunted. This school was used by the Japanese army as their headquarters during World War 2. There are many hidden tunnels that are now already sealed but were once used to torture and kill the prisoners. One of the main horror stories that has plagued the school is about a young girl in a yellow dress who was tortured to death during the Japanese Occupation. Up to these days, the girl can be seen roaming around the school in the evening. Not only students, teachers have also stumbled across this yellow-dressed girl who sometimes appears on mirror reflections too!

3. Chung Ling High School

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Chung Ling High School is another school located in Penang. It was originally a school and not a Japanese military headquarter like most of the other haunted schools used to be. Nonetheless, it was used as a military hospital by the British Army during World War 2. Teachers and students at the point of time encountered a terrifying death and there was a cold-blooded massacre against the Chinese Malayan. It is no wonder that dogs can be seen barking at nothing up to this day and there are a series of hysterical attacks that students have come to face with.

4. SMK St George

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This all-girls school in Penang dates all the way back to 1885. One of the biggest highlights of this school would be the haunted clock tower. Some claim that there were numerous suicide cases where depressed students jumped off the clock tower, but one of the famous stories would be about the girl who was known for how bright she was academically, but ended up not performing up to her own expectations in her SPM. It was seemingly, the end of the world for her and she decided to commit suicide by jumping off the tower.

5. SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2

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Few years back, this school had an encounter where a group of students went hysterical. Mass hysteria is not an unusual phenomenon. Many schools all around the world have had students going hysterical, which could be due to tremendous mental stress. However, in this case, it went on and became so severe affecting over 100 students as well as teachers. One of the teachers also shared her side of the story where she experienced someone clinging onto the left side of her body. In a swift, she saw a black figure passing and trying to enter her body. The school was closed down for three consecutive days following the incident. Prayers and exorcism were held to chase the evil spirits right after.

6. SK Danau Perdana

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From all of the stories above, it is easy to say that they are all merely rumors apart from those which were actually reported in local newspapers. But this story could just be the creepiest and certainly beats them all. SK Danau Perdana has been abandoned for over a decade. There have been plans to demolish the place for the kind of eyesore it is, however, the plans obviously were not executed. The school is still standing there, tall and decayed. Apparently, a woman who was once a cleaner in the school died while trying to give birth. The spirit of the woman was said to be enraged and she would terrorize anyone who tries to enter the school. Ironically, the structure of the school was claimed unstable some time after that and it had to be closed down.

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