KADS1M Update From Bank Rakyat (July 14, 2017)

July 17, 2017
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With many students grumbling about the status of their KADS1M application, which for all the world seems up in the air, Bank Rakyat released a statement on their Twitter feed dated July 14, 2017. Below is what they had to say.


Those who are eligible to receive the KADS1M Debit-I are asked to:

  • Collect your respective cards at the branch you selected when filling in the application, as mentioned in the e-mail.
  • Applications for a change in the collection branch cannot be done at this time
  • You may check on your KADS1M Application by clicking on this link
  • The FINAL date for collection of KADS1M Debit-i is on September 30, 2017. Although this is subject to changes form time to time.
  • Ensure you bring along your identification card and one copy of your I.C. (front & back) during collection.
  • Students are advised to only deal with bank employees to avoid any issues during collection.
  • The hours of operation for collection of KADS1M Debit-i at Bank Rakyat branches are as follows :


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