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With the UPU 2017/2018 results about to be announced very soon (May 14, 2017), we at afterschool.my thought it would be good to re-visit the UPU 2017/18 Tips that would still be important, namely for Appeals (Rayuan) and the Interview Process. So please read carefully. If you missed it, read  how to check your UPU 2017/18 Results here

Why was my application rejected?

To know more about the popular reasons why students’ UPU applications get rejected, read Why was my UPU 2017/1 8Application Rejected

Now, many students will be in tears wondering what went wrong. Well, instead of coming up with our own deductions of reasoning, who better to tell you the most common reasons students were rejected other than UPU themselves (Although, this was for 2016).  Moving on, students will be able to appeal via 3 main methods:


Visiting the online UPU Portal, which will only be activated on the date results are released.

Phone call

Calling the UPU hotline at 88706767 or (03) 8870 6777.


Finally, if UPU indeed do follow last year’s course of action, by visiting their consultation help desk located at:

Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi

Aras Tanah, No. 2 Menara 2, Jalan P5/6 Presint 5,

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,

62200 Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

However, all of the above will only be confirmed on March 14, 2017.

Declining an offer and re-applying though an online appeal

Also, one must note the BIG difference between applications for the first round and appeals, which is re-applying through online appeal

You get an offer from UPU, but it’s not the course you wanted. What do you do? You summon all your bravado and decline it, like the boss that you are, and then proceed to reapply via an online appeal. If this is you, I’ve got bad news buddy, so I hope you’re sitting down for this one.

Online appeals are only open to the students who weren’t offered a place at all. So, if you have your hearts set on studying at an IPTA, then take your ego, put it in a bag, throw it away, and accept the offer. Did you know that once you’re enrolled in an IPTA, you can try to request for a change of course? There are requirements of course, and it’s subject to approval, but the option is still there. Just get your foot in the door first, instead of being stuck outside in the cold rain.

The Interview

It’s important to stay confident and be original while you surprise the interviewees with a good grasp of general knowledge

You’re there early, all dressed up for you interview (which usually happens for popular courses), and then someone sitting next to you tells you that if you fail at the interview stage, your application will be rejected (Which is true). Then your palms become sweaty, knees become weak, arms become heavy. The only thing bigger than your growing fear is the sweat stain underneath your armpit.

Relax, take deep breaths, and just be yourself. Be confident and just show the interviewers the real you, while also being up-to-date with current issues related to world events, education, local occurrences, technology and other subjects (That are relevant of course. Odds are the interviewers won’t want to know about Paul Pogba’s new haircut).

In preparation, you can think of the obvious questions that are bound to come up, such as ‘Why did you choose the course you did? What are you biggest strengths/weaknesses?’ While it’s really good to prepare, don’t overdo-it as well, and appear to have the whole interview rehearsed. Those conducting it will be able to tell if you’re being genuine or not, which is crucial. 

It’s important to appear neat as well. Iron all your clothes (Absolutely no jeans!), polish your shoes, get a haircut, trim those nails way beforehand so you aren’t running around last minute searching for a barber that’s open at 11pm the night before (Hint: There isn’t).

Leave extra early so you’ll still reach early in the event of a traffic jam. It’s better to be an hour early than even a minute late.  Do everything you would otherwise do if you were perhaps preparing to go on a date, if it helps. Appear smart and sharp, and don’t be a slacker. Above all, just be yourself(Unless you’re a slacker).

That’s it! All the best to future interview attendees do check back for more tips on Appealing once the full UPU Results are announced between May 14-20, 2017.

The must know UPU 2017/18 application dates

Most of the important application dates occur during May while some take place in June

For those of you who missed it, here are the Must Know UPU 2017/18 Dates:

May 14-20, 2017: Announcement of results for Applicants for ‘Lepasan SPM/Setaraf ke UA/Politeknik Premier

May 14-20, 2017: Announcement of results for Applicants for ‘Lepasan SPM ke Politeknik Konvensional/METrO, Kolej Komuniti & IKLA.

May 14-20, 2017: Applications for the ‘UPUOnline Rayuan’ OPENS for ‘Lepasan SPM/Setaraf ke UA, Politeknik, Koley Komoniti, & IKLA.

May 21-23: Applications for the ‘UPUOnline Rayuan’ CLOSES for Lepasan SPM/Setaraf ke UA, Politeknik, Koley Komuniti & IKLA.

May 21-27: Review for Call for interview (Education) for ‘Lepasan STPM/Setaraf

May 21-27: Review for Call for interview (Non-Education) MEdSI test for ‘Lepasan STPM/Setaraf

June 11-17: Announcement of ‘UPUOnline Rayuan’ results for Lepasan SPM/Setaraf to UA, Politeknik, Kolej Komuniti & IKLA.

June 12: UPUOnline System Phase 2 (Matriculation/Asasi) for ‘Lepasan STPM/Setaraf’ OPENS

June 30: UPUOnline System Phase 2 (Matriculation/Asasi) for ‘Lepasan STPM/Setaraf’ CLOSES.

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