The Most Common Questions about UPU Answered

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 27, 2020, 03:44 pm

While some are well-versed with the UPU application system, a lot of students are still unsure how it works. Don’t be ashamed if you’re still the ones that are unsure. After all, it’s always better to ask so that you won’t screw up your application process halfway. Here are the most popular questions about UPU 2017.

1. I studied in a Private University/College during my Diploma/ Matriculation/ Foundation/etc.  Can I apply for Degree studies with UPU?

Even though you’ve studied in a private institution for your Pre-U, there still is no harm applying for a UPU but bear in mind that they priorities IPTA applicants first

Technically, you can. However, it is up to the university to decide whether to accept you or not, and your chances would be quite low as they would prioritise those who meet their requirements.

2. I didn’t take any science subjects during my SPM. Can I now do my Foundation in Science/Biology/Physics?

To be on the safe side, make sure you have more than five subjects, with a pass in English and Mathematics

Yes, you can. While it would be better if you already took the subject during your SPM, the general requirements for most universities are FIVE credits in relevant subjects. So you could still apply and get in, so long as you have FIVE credits.

3. I have a BSN pin from last year, can I use it this year?

Your BSN pin is already expired if you have took it last year

No, you cannot. You will need a new pin.

4. I’m confused, there are SO many universities. Which one of them offers the course I want to pursue?

There are many public universities but not all of them have the course for you

All you have to do is use the following link:

UPU 2017 University & Course Guide

Use this and then you can search for any university together with the courses they offer that are involved with UPU.

5. What is STPM/setaraf and SPM/setaraf?

STPM/setaraf is for those applying for a Bachelor’s Degree whereas SPM/Setaraf is for those who want to go for certain Pre-U courses

STPM/setaraf refers to those applying for a Bachelor’s Degree (Ijazah Sarjana Muda) in a Public University (UA). Their qualifications would include:

STPM 2016, KPM Matriculation, STAM 2016 & 2015, Diploma/Setaraf, Asasi UA, DKM/DLKM/DVM

SPM/Setaraf refers to those who are applying FORAsasi, Diploma UA, Polytechnic (Politeknik), Communtiy College or ILKA. Their latest qualification is SPM 2014, 2015 OR 2016.

6. What are Categories A and B?

These are the sub-categories for students who fall under the SPM-setaraf  category

Category A: SPM 2016

Category B: SPM 2014 & 2015 (Yes, you guys & gals can apply too)

7. My last qualification was SPM 2013. Can I still apply?

You cannot apply if you are one of the batches that took SPM in 2013 or before then it is not possible for you to apply for UPU anymore

We regret to inform you that you cannot. While those with SPM 2014 may still apply, those with 2013 credentials as their most recent can no longer do so.

8. Till when are the applications open?

You have almost two months to apply for UPU but that doesn’t mean that you can procrastinate

March 31, 2017 at 11.59 pm.

9. If I get a BSN pin, do I have to apply on the EXACT SAME day?

It’s important to go through your application process again since there is a lot of time

Relax! You don’t! But don’t relax for too long and forget to apply altogether.

10. Which qualification can I apply with, SPM or STPM?

If you want to apply with both categories then you need to buy two PIN numbers

You can apply with both SPM and STPM category. But go with the highest. However, if you still want to apply with both, you need to buy two different pin numbers; one for each.

11. I’m still confused. HELP!? Who can I contact?

If you’re still not sure, please don’t hesitate to pop a question. Our counsellors from afterschool.my will try your best and answer them

You can always ask us at our Q&A section here, where our counsellors will try their best to clear any doubts you may have. Alternatively, you could call the UPU hotline at 03-88706767

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