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Bachelor Of Science (Chemistry)

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Chemistry is a combination of theoretical and practical studies that involve the challenges of problem solving through the organization and analysis of data. The scale and level of complexity of chemistry places it between subatomic physics and biology. The understanding of chemical principles is important not only to chemists, but also to individuals who are interested in the biological, material and environmental sciences. The programme emphasizes the development of ideas in Instrumental Analysis, Nanochemistry, Chemical Spectroscopy, Organic Synthesis, Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Composites, Environmental Chemistry and Catalytic Chemistry. It is the role of the chemist to study this world and find ways of making it a better place. The Pure Chemistry Programme provides a broad education of chemistry with applications of mathematical, scientific and engineering principles. Pure Chemistry graduates are provided with a firm foundation of practical and theoretical chemistry so that they will be academically proficient and skilled researchers in the field of chemistry.

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