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Bachelor Of Applied Science (Hons) (Agrobiology)

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This programme offers undergraduate studies leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Agrobiology which emphasizes on multidisciplinary approach in the field of plant pathology and entomology related to other fields such as environment, soil science, botany, physiology microbiology, plant diversity biotechnology and ecology. The main objective of this programme is the application of scientific approaches leading to high agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Academic staffs consist of experts in the fields of soil fertility, plant health and crop protection. There are expertise in plant pathogenic fungi, biological nitrogen fixers, biocontrol of plant diseases, composting and vermiculture technology. The School of Biological Sciences is the leading institution in Fusarium research in Malaysia.Agrobiology programme is in line with the Malaysian Agricultural Policy (1998-2021) that focuses on the introduction of integrated agricultural approaches based on agroforestry, mixed farming, rehabilitation of marginal land, recycling of organic matter, mulching, cover cropping, composting, organic farming, soil and water conservaton. This programme is strengthened with the concept of crop protection related to plant pathogen and insect pests. The integrated control methods included in the programme are chemical, biological and physical methods of disease and insect pests minimization.

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